Mild Piccalilli Recipe

mild piccalilli

Ingredients for Mild Piccalilli:

  • 3 lbs of prepared mixed vegetables
  • ½ lb (225 g) salt
  • 2 teaspoons turmeric
  • 2 teaspoons dry mustard
  • 2 teaspoons ground ginger
  • 4oz (112 g) white granulated sugar
  • 1½ pints (900 ml) white distilled vinegar
  • 1 oz (28 g) cornflour

Method for Mild Piccalilli:

  1. Put the mixed vegetables in a bowl in alternate layers with the salt and leave overnight.
  2. Next day rinse in cold water and drain thoroughly.
  3. Put most of the vinegar into a pan and add the spices and sugar and bring to the boil.
  4. Add the vegetables and simmer the mixture until the vegetables are still crisp.
  5. Blend the cornflour with the remaining vinegar and stir into the vegetable mixture.
  6. Boil for 2-3 minutes, stirring gently.
  7. Pack the vegetables into hot, clean sterilised jars using a slotted spoon.
  8. Top up with any remaining sauce.
  9. Cover and seal immediately.
  10. Label once fully cool.

A combination of most vegetables can be used for Piccalilli but root vegetables don’t tend to work very well. Pick from cauliflower, crisp cabbage, celery, cucumber, courgettes, French and young runner beans, green tomatoes, marrow, peppers, pickling onions, shallots and sweet corn kernels. These need to be cut into fairly small pieces (½”-1″/1.25-2.5 cm).

This recipe is for about 3 – 4 lbs (1.4 – 1.8 kg) of Mild Piccalilli.

Tip: It’s better to use wide necked jars like the 1 lb (450 g) kilner type jars as packing them can get a bit messy!

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7 comments on “Mild Piccalilli Recipe
  1. Roger Bingham says:

    Root vegetables: I use celeriac, celery and carrot but simmer these for about 3 minutes before adding all the others vegetables.
    I also use brine rather than layering. 1lb of salt to 1 gallon of water – rinse well.

  2. chris says:

    have just made my first piccalli looks delish cant wait to try it …

  3. Millie says:

    Just made my first piccalilli, and it looks lovely, but how long do I have to wait before I can try it ? Thank you

  4. Val says:

    It will be ready in about 4 weeks.

  5. Millie says:

    Thank you for letting me know, I will be counting down the weeks with anticipation.

  6. mo says:

    Have been looking 4 a receipe for piccalilli and stumbled on yours will be doing it over the week-end fingers crossed

  7. paul says:

    Just made this piccalilli, looks amazing cannot wait to try it.

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