Dried Apricot Jam Recipe

dried apricot

Dried Apricot Jam Recipe Submitted by Patjoy

Ingredients for Dried Apricot Jam:

  • 1 lb dried apricots (try to buy the dark ones with no preservatives on)
  • 3 pts of water
  • 3 lb of sugar (you could use more if you like)
  • Juice of a lemon

Method for Dried Apricot Jam:

  1. Cut the apricots up small (scissors are easiest).
  2. Put the apricots & water in a large bowl and cover with a tea cloth.
  3. Leave overnight.
  4. Next day simmer at least half an hour (until they are as soft as you like them in jam).
  5. Keep the heat very low.
  6. Add the sugar and lemon juice (zest too if it is an organic lemon).
  7. Stir every now and then until the sugar is really dissolved (this is ALWAYS important when making jam).
  8. Now bring up to the boil and boil for approx 15 minutes now test  with a little on a saucer
  9. Carefully wrinkle it and if it isn’t runny put a lump of BUTTER in (it helps to disperse the ” scum” which cannot be helped).
  10. Have your jars washed and in the oven,  completely dry and, using a funnel, spoon the jam into the jars.
  11. I find jam “keeps” better when poured into the jars straight away.
  12. It is a tricky job and don’t be distracted.
  13. Now place your little jam greaseproof papers on top then the lids screw up but not too tight until later.
  14. Always have a cloth to hold the jars as they are VERY hot now!!
  15. It MAY take longer than 15 mins and this is, I  am afraid, only you’ll really know the more you make jams, pickles and chutneys.

It is a lovely thing to do and so worthwhile please have a go .

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6 comments on “Dried Apricot Jam Recipe
  1. Annie Turner says:

    Lovely recipe. I searched for ‘dried apricot jam’ recipes on the web and found this. Just before I started making it it struck me I needed to check it was a British recipe rather than an American one because of the measurements used (pints etc) that vary from UK to the US.

    Perhaps ounces or a clear indication that this is UK measurement might be helpful? Just a thought.

  2. Di wing says:

    Really enjoyed making this jam, was very pleased with the result. It is clear and best described as a clean jam. I made it for an elderly neighbour who had said apricot was the only jam he liked.
    The recipe is easy to follow and if this is someone’s first attempt at jam making, then I suspect they will try others.
    Thanks for posting it.

  3. Veronique Wood says:

    Just a touch of refinement. Add a pod of vanilla when sugar has melted and why not blanched almonds if you tolerate them. It adds a hint of je ne sais quoi which is appreciated by sophisticated palates.

  4. Don Ryan says:

    sounds great

  5. Jenny says:

    Your recipe was so clear as if you were talking to us. Somehow I felt confident because you are an allotment holder. Wahey

  6. Juliet Shaljean-Tilley says:

    Easy to follow, I added some stem ginger. I had to add some pectin as the jam didn’t set, ie it was runny. Flavour is great.

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