Plum Jam Recipe



  • 4 lbs (1.8 kg) plums
  • 1 pint (575 ml) water
  • 4 lbs (1.8 kg) sugar
  1. Wash and wipe the plums. Cut in halves.
  2. Put into a pan with the water and simmer gently until the fruit is soft.
  3. Test for pectin.
  4. Add the sugar, stirring until the sugar has dissolved.
  5. Bring to the boil and boil rapidly until the jam sets when tested, removing the stones as they rise to the top.
  6. Remove the scum.
  7. Pot and seal while still hot.
Makes around 6 lbs (2.7 kg) of jam.

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fayenz @ 2:28 am #

I've just made my first batch of plum jam using this recipe, it turned out fantastic! We have an old plum tree that was cut back when we bought our house. Third year here and got 5 kilos of plums so didnt want to waste them.

Thanks so much for the recipe, what a great site this is.


kathryn MacQuien @ 7:56 pm #

How do you test for pectin?

John @ 11:55 pm #

Hi Kathryn
Follow the link below the recipe for making jam methods and Val explains it in there.

Hazel Meakin @ 5:10 pm #

What a great web site this is. I have retired and need to "watch
the pennies" . I got plums reduced in the
supermarked, brought them home, found your web site and
proceeded to make my first batch of jam ever, it was a complete success. Many thanks, I have bookmarked your site, and will tell all my friends. I am looking forward to
making chutney for the winter and I have planted rhubarb this year so next year d.v should have my very own crop of rhubarb for jam.

Richard @ 11:27 pm #

Just made some amazing plum jam… I have recently become slightly obsessed with making jam, my first jam was gooseberry. im 18 and just about to go to university so stocking up before i leave home! thanks again!

Clair @ 2:17 pm #

Hi, I want to try this recipe but not sure what it means by 'test for pectin'? Can anyone help? Thanks!

John @ 2:43 pm #

Clair – read my answer to the same question above.

Pete, Exeter @ 4:50 pm #

I concur with everything that people have said here although I think a touch less sugar might give it a little edge. I have made a half batch this afternoon and put a very good pinch of powdered cloves in the mix which has given it a lovely spicy plum finish

Emma @ 3:26 pm #

I have the same problem as Clair.
I want to make this recipe because im hoping to give a pot or two to my Gran for christamas as she adores homemade jam. But i've never made it before.
Could you please specify on your website what 'test for pectin' means in the instructions.

bob @ 12:23 am #

thats a great way to use up excess plums
regards bob.

Rebecca @ 8:20 pm #

Me & my sister followed this recipe with huge success today. We used yellow wild cherry plums, which we picked ourselves. As some of the plums were very ripe, we added 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. The jams have set perfectly & taste beautiful, especially on toast! We will definatly be using this recipe again, with other fruits.

Frenchfarmer @ 10:06 pm #

I've just made some plum jam but if you had mentioned the importance of the simmering bit me jam wouldn't be quite so liquid.
I've got tons of little wild plums all around the far side of my lake. As I'm making hay way out there I thought I'd bring back a bucket & make jam.
I didn't simmer enough.
Dark and runny.
Simmer guys, simmer till you think it's enough and then simmer a bit more. My wild plums have stones so small they go through a pasta spoon but they are Organic so I don't mind runny jam if it comes to it.
Keep on growing food for yourselves; it tastes so much better.
The Sweetcorn sprint is the best bit of the harvest.
Put the water on to boil and walk slowly down the garden, pick some sweetcorn then run as fast as you can back to the pot while ripping off the leaves and chuck it in the pot. The minute you separate it from the plant the sugars start to change.
Better still trundle your BBQ up beside the plants and pick and roast with the leaves still on.

Diane Gooch @ 6:14 pm #

Have just made this jam and it smells lovely, have now made the labels and cant wait to have some on a piece of crusty bread. how long does this keep? not that i think it will be on the shelve for long. This jam will remind me of my summer holiday as collected the fruit which was growing on the came site we stayed. A brill site

Hollie & Rachel @ 5:06 pm #

Hi, we are two pretty pathetic cooks, but we have just atempted to make this jam with a bucket of plums from the garden, and have spent the afternoon making our own hand-made labels. We are very happy to say the jam came out ever so yummy, and currently enjoying some on toast with butter! Thanks! xxxx

Andrea Daley @ 12:54 am #

I made this jam yesterday with plums that I discovered growing on a tree on some waste ground nearby.
The result was superb. I would like to know however if there is an easy way to remove the pips and skin from the mixture. Also, the plums that I used were a dark maroon colour, and smaller than those bought in a shop. More like a large cherry. Would you have any idea of the variety please.

mike & yvonne @ 2:31 pm #

So far this year August 2009 we have made strawberry, victoria plum, wild plum, black cherry, blackberry, blackberry and apple jam here on the farm plus pineapple bought from a store which had reduced them to 50P each, next more apple, then plum and ginger that should give us approx 30 + jars of jam finally we shall be making pumpkin and ginger towards the end of the month its fun, organic and a great deal tastier than shop bought, plus it is with 100% fruit cannot be beaten . Have fun, also we make wine from the extra fruit left on the farm its all go but better than watching the goggle box.

john cork @ 8:15 am #

hi made the plum jam as your book it wont set it look ok on test do you know to make it set thanks

Mere male! @ 3:44 pm #

I have just made 18lbs of plum jam using your recipe; very good results but I agree that one needs to simmer perhaps longer than one thinks, especially if some of the fruit is not fully ripe. Also, I warmed the suger in a low heat oven before adding to the fruit; I think this helped the sugar to dissolve easily. I needed the oven on a low heat anyway to warm the jars. many thanks

shopaholic @ 4:28 pm #

Hi,we have an old plum tree and wanted to use them as there has been so much waste.So me and my mum have made some and it has turned out lovely! Thanks for the recipe.:)

The only thing that we had a BIG PROBLEM with was how long to boil for please answer, thanks once again.

philippa @ 4:51 pm #

I just followed this recipie but the jam has not set. I have left it for 24hrs and it is still runny. What may i have done wrong? and is i made 4 lbs of jam any ideas what I can do with it all?! I realy dont want to throw it all away. many thanks

SHEILA lONSDALE @ 11:09 am #

I have just made plum jam for the first time, I have made other jams, and the boiling point has always been 2 to 3 mins.
but plum jam takes longer, I was so scared of it sticking to the pan that I put it in the mocrowave and let it boil, it turned out great, it went darker colour, then set very well, you do need the proper dishes though, i have the old 1960s pyrex, so it worked well.

Sam @ 5:49 pm #

I used this recipe for my first attempt at Jam as we had loads of plums from the tree and it turned out brilliant.

Sally @ 12:38 pm #

Hi – I just used your recipe and it turned out wonderfully – thanks! A friend gave me 5lbs of golden and pink plums with quite a delicate flavour so I added a couple of tsp ground ginger which isn't overpowering and gives more depth of flavour. If you happen to make runny jam I've found it works brilliantly as a sauce for ice cream – sprinkle with chopped toasted hazelnuts – scrummy!

foxybabe @ 3:02 pm #

this web site is brilliant thank you for the recipe kids love the jam xxxx

Tracy @ 2:12 pm #

Sorry to sound ignorant, but do you have to remove the skin from the plums, prior to cooking?


Linda Crowl @ 6:04 pm #

I did not find how to test for pectin, How do you?

bev @ 9:42 pm #

just made some jam, but how important is it to use wax discs?

kurlybap @ 11:51 am #

So simple – and foolproof. thank you.

Mike @ 11:56 am #

Have just made Plum jam the first time ever and the results are fantastic, Great site and thanks for getting me inspired to have a go

ELAINE WHITELEY @ 12:27 pm #

i have been jam making for a few years now i have to freeze
my plums then make them into jam in the winter i freeze all my fruit to use later has i find i dont have time to pick and make in the same day every thing always turns out just the same has they were fresh

micky davies @ 2:21 pm #

made my first ever plum jam panicked as did not seem to set

but this morning perfect jam so pleased

Annie @ 10:19 am #

Sometimes in jam making it's nice to accept a little runniness. I find if I can't get a jam to set grating an apple in really helps. With blackberry, a lemon juice too…

Anne Pyne @ 11:09 pm #

I always use this method, from an old cookerybook and it's infallible: To test for pectin, after 1st cooking fruit to soften.

Place 1 teasp cooked fruit pulp in a small glass and add to it 3 teasps methylated spirits. Leave for a few mins for clot to form. If clot is good use 1lb sugar to each 1lb fruit, if clot is very solid, use 1.25lbs sugar to each 1lb fruit. If clot is poor, use .75lb sugar to each lb fruit. Then proceed to make the jam as usual. Anne

Claire @ 9:07 pm #

I live in Canada and it is not possible to buy the wax discs like it is in the UK, will the jam still keep well or would you suggest making a half batch?

jane @ 7:16 pm #

This recipe is absolutely foolproof. I have never made jam before and this turned out perfect. I will now be browsing your other recipes to see what i can try next. Thank You.

MGC @ 8:17 pm #

Hi, I have frozen a lot plums from my tree and want to make some spiced plum jam. The fruit is frozen. Do i have to defrost before cooking?
My mum has also made jam in the past but, when opened, it has turned out to be very hard. I'd like to have my jam quite soft, will this recipe give me soft juicy jam?
Many thanks.

Rebecca @ 1:49 pm #

Ok, having never made this, I am being careful. I do not see that you peeled the plums, only pit. Am I correct?

Ann Prentice-Dalton @ 4:09 pm #

I grew up in England watching my mum make jam after the war. Never bothered to learn. Now I am following in her footsteps & she is no longer here to help me. Your Plum Jam recipe is as good as I remember my mum's. I will be making Apricot Jam next week & will follow your recipe for it. Thank's a lot.

alice england @ 9:23 pm #

I love jam, wer'e going to make some at home with my mum and dad we went blackberry and plum knocking today

Kevinp @ 8:50 am #

Just made this recipe today after making the blackberry and apple yesterday, this is my first time at jam making and these were very easy to make, thank you :)

Thanks so much for your wonderful site – it has helped me more than once this year with what to do with our produce!! I made 10 jars of this gorgeous jam from 5 pounds of fruit. I boiled the plums for around 40 minutes before adding the sugar and reduced the sugar a little – but I always find the sugar content in jam a personal preference thing anyway!! Thanks again. Lol Lynn ♥

sue baxter @ 5:59 pm #

just made this plum jam recipe, it's brill, easy to do and very tasty, thanks.

Mike @ 11:00 pm #

Hi Val,
Once the jars are sealed how soon after can I start eating the jam?
Yours in impatient anticipation, Mike


I tried this recipe for the first time of my making my first ever batch of Plum Jam and then adapted to include blackcurrants. I own and run a restaurant and found the recipe to be extremely simple to follow and as a novice very adaptable. Thank you for the guidance. I am now thinking in this day when we have a recession, it could be a way forward, that is to say to go down the Home cooked and orangic route to our menu.

gill @ 5:49 pm #

Have just ordered your book and can't wait to start making some jam. Myself and my friend have got an abundance of plums and damson so I will be making jam for a while !

karen @ 5:00 pm #

thank you, i have made 6lb of plum jam and now ready for my cakes to be made and to enjoy, never mind the diet now x x x

vinny @ 6:59 pm #

hi just made our first home made plum jam looks good enough to eat thanks

Dawn @ 9:12 pm #

Just finished my first batch and was a very easy recipe, thanks. I've only made strawberry before but we have 3 plum trees overladen so will be making plenty more once I get some more jars! Even my daughter who isn't keen on plums loved it!

Dianne Reynolds @ 4:28 pm #

As we have loads of victoria plums, I make about 40 jars of jam each year. However, I use 3lb suger to 4lb of plums and have always been successful. Some years the jam sets perfectly and some years it is more runny (I use a jam thermometer) but we still enjoy it. I think it has a lot to do with the condition of the plums as I never vary the recipe. We still have a few jars of last year's left and it is in perfect condition.

Lisa @ 8:34 am #

Made my first batch of wild plum jam last night. Thought I had missed the setting point, so poured it into large Kilner pots to use as sloppy sauce topping for my morning yoghurt. Pleasantly surprised to find it has set perfectly this morning! Now wishing I had put it in the little jam jars so I could give some away. If I reboil it, can I then re-pot it into the smaller jars?

Brian @ 1:06 pm #

Made this recipe last week and one jar is gone already,must get some more plums.Great recipe thanks very much.

reen @ 11:07 pm #

great website! a co worker gave me a BUNCH of plums so I made some jam for her to thank her . It was such a big hit now all the girls at work are collecting jars so we can all make jam! Thank You!!

Valerie @ 12:56 pm #

I've become addicted to jam & chutney making. Living on a farm there's loads of Plums, blackberry, Damsons, different variety of apples etc. I hate to see all this fruit going to waste so I'm continually looking to inprove on what I've done in the past regarding flavers. Any ideas how I can improve on my plum jams, what spices etc I could add to improve the flavour as it's one jam that seems to be left on the shelf (blackberry & apple with cinnamon is a big hit with my man here). I've still many unopened pots from last year and it's very good. I've already made some with ginger, but it just needs that something extra. Any suggestions would be greatly recieved. Thanks.

Miss Eddie Fisher @ 8:31 am #

Great about all this preserve making. I grew some rhubarb from seed last year, but is still very small so maybe it will be another year or two before big enough to harvest. Try to be patient and not take too much. Made a great rhubarb sauce this year, (like jam, less sugar, store in fridge) and it is great on bread, puddings etc. Eddie

Miss Eddie Fisher @ 8:36 am #

Re: Pectin,

Like a number of others I missed the link – because it was in the box…. far too obvious especially for those of us who "think out of the box!". Hope this helps!

Lois, Lancashire @ 8:42 pm #

I'm going to make my plum jam after work tomorrow;
I was hoping to save the stones from my plums – i'm planting them (~80 already this year) in the hope that some grow into viable trees – SO, can i make plum jam without the stones? I heard you can use a few stones and crack them open beforehand?

My other question…. i've just bought loads of unrefined golden sugar – will the jam work if i use this instead of white sugar?

Many thanks,

Muriel @ 5:24 pm #

I've just been given 1lb plumbs and thought I'd have a go – so does this mean just 1/4 pint water?

mummylicious @ 9:26 pm #

Hi I'm 7 months pregnant and was in need of something sweet so decided to make your jam with a load of plums I had, I followed your recipe as best I could with no scales and no measuring jug LOL! I know what everyone is thinking but you're wrong, my jam is fantastic it tastes amazing and set really well, it's the first think I have ever made from scratch and now I have the bug, I need to make more jams, hope its not beginners luck!

debbie salmon @ 3:20 pm #

i made my plum jam yesterday 1th sept it was one of the eaiest recipes i have done. My jam set lovely.

jen @ 6:17 pm #

I made yellow plum jam today for the first time ever, I added a little ginger and its fab! Going out foraging again to make some more!!

New to jams @ 4:47 pm #

Hi Val
ive made other recipes of yours and been hailed a fab jam maker (for a bloke) but this time ive just made this plum jam and it is really runny; should I leave it over night to see if it sets, then if not re-boil OR re-boil now? argh lol

New to jams @ 11:07 pm #

Hi Val
Thanks for this, I think I was just been a wus as it (hopefully) is slowly setting still runny but will keep you posted tom, p.s thxs for your prompt reply xx

dorothy @ 7:19 pm #

Do I take stones out and then weigh plums or is recipe weight of plums including stones

Joanne @ 7:13 am #

Hi I am very disappointed with my first foray into jam making. I picked some plums that were very ripe and put them in the freezer. When defrosted they were much squashier than before freezing but I went ahead anyway. The jam was hard and not edible once it cooled off. I followed recipe to the letter. Any ideas as i have another 12 pound of plums in my freezer?!!

Peter @ 5:05 pm #

Thanks for the recipe Val, I have used this recipe for a couple of years now and this year used it on 4lb of very ripe and purple plums, the result is fantastic, very flavoursome and a dark ruby colour, and no trouble setting, although I do use a Jam thermometer I love this site for all fruit and Veg

liz @ 7:27 pm #

Can you help?
I have made 4lb of plum jam but it tastes very acidic. Made with cherry sized small plums– may be kirkham blue.
Fruit are sweet enough to eat when ripe off the tree but the jam was disappointing. Correct sugar and set was ok. Have you come across this? Definitely leaves an aftertaste

Francis @ 12:41 pm #

Rhubarb: So you have just bought a rhubarb crown – and hope to make jam next year. Sorry to disappoint you, you should leave a new crown to grow and get strength for 3 years before you harvest in quantity. In fact, it won't yield much in its first couple of years anyway. So make something else in the meanwhile.

Paul Digpal @ 3:48 pm #

I made jam using the above recipe and it was amazing!!!!!! Depending on how much you plan to make, the juice of a lemon, lime or half a grapefruit is good to use as pectin.

I made 8 jars and the all went from my home before I had chance to put label on them!! – making some more soon as christmas gifts!!!!

Leah Kennewell @ 1:33 am #

You can eat runny jam – it's just runny. Lovely on toast!

Hayley Burrows @ 5:52 pm #


Does anyone know if I could make this with champagne instead of water as I was wanting to make a variation on this recipe to give as my wedding favour? Was thinking plum and champagne, but does anyone have any other ideas?

Pat Rich @ 9:15 pm #

We had so many plums ripen at once this season that after making tarts, roasting them, making chutney, that I was forced to freeze several pounds of them…washed, and left whole. Will these work for jam? Any changes in
procedure? thanks

Heather @ 5:33 pm #

Testing for setting can be done by placing a plate in the freezer. When you think the jam has reached setting place a small amount on the cold plate. Leave for a few seconds to cool. Push finger through the centre of the jam and if it stays parted in the middle it's ready to pot. If it runs back together it needs boiling longer.

Tina @ 3:27 pm #

This is my third year of making jam from this recipe and I got over confident and didn't boil enough, the jam still hadn't set after 24 hrs so I put the whole lot back in the pan and boiled it again, re-sterilising all the jars in the dishwasher, perfect. I am now making my second batch as my plum trees are absolutely laden with plums this year.

Zoe @ 12:31 pm #

Made first batch set well but very sweet, so on second batch I used less sugar, about 1/4 less and not set. I did simmer for 40 mins then left it overnight in fridge as didn't have time to finish it that night. Next day warmed it, added sugar, although less, and then boiled for almost ten mins and was getting lumpy so put it into jars. Not set after 12 hours, what should I do? Did I cook for too long? Cooling in fridge caused problem? Not enough sugar? Should I reboil it and test for setting point again? add more sugar? or use pectin powder? The plums were mixture of ripe and not very ripe.

Alan @ 3:28 pm #

Lovely recipe, made 12lb from frozen plums picked 2 days before, used jam thermometer and set point took 4 mins. Lovely golden fruity flavour, gorgeous on toast.

Kev&Tracey Sykes @ 7:23 pm #

Our plum tree is loaded this year so my wife and I picked the fuit from the tree and made our 1st Batch of plum jam, several jars we made. Tastes lovely, lets hope it sets ok. Can any one tell us how long we have to leave before we can open?

Lois @ 2:40 pm #

Is any kind of sugar OK, can't find special jam sugar so wondering if granulated is OK

Anna Rood @ 5:02 pm #

How can I stop my yellow plums from turning a murky brown when cooking. Should I peel them before trying to make jam with them.

eileen @ 9:55 pm #

do you stir the jam as it is boiling please

eileen @ 10:39 pm #

Well I have made the jam following this recipe and it seems to be ok, hubby has just tried the tester and he said it was very nice.

ningpo @ 11:36 am #

Our plums have some insect trails, so far we've always washed, cut them in half (for inspection), quartered the pieces and then continued with cooking . Is this really necessary? How do you keep the bugs away? thanks, great site and good information.

christine @ 8:08 am #

Just made this jam and it turned out the best ever, did take the tip to boil them longer to get the stones out if you have smaller plums. Got another 15lbs from my brother-in-law yesterday and am off again making more.

Must say this is a great site fab tips always good to read how other people leave tips as well

Christine x x

Sheila Wright @ 12:22 pm #

Thanks for the lovely recipe, I have made loads today, we have been here in france for 10 years and this is the first year our plum tree cropped, got 4 kilos of plums, all turned into jam.
Love your site by the way. :-)

katie @ 3:57 pm #

Thank you for the recipe which worked a treat first time however on my second attempt I have not managed to get setting point even though I have added lemon juice. I have checked the jars today and it is quite runny is there anything i can do to rectify this.
I have been and purchased a bottle of pectin but no real information on the bottle. Can I reheat the jam or do I need to discard it?

vicky @ 8:52 am #

what a fab site – so rare that you can ask questions and they are properly answered – one to bookmark for sure! thanks

Celine @ 8:59 am #

I tried this recipe yesterday and it was a success. As someone mentioned previously, I crushed a few cloves and added some cinammon powder to give the jam a little twist. It takes quite a bit of simmering, about 50 minutes, but it's well worth the wait. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

susan @ 2:04 pm #

hi. Thank you so much for this lovely easy recipe. I was a little sceptical at first, worried that I wouldn't be able to get the stones out, but I got 90%. The jam tastes really really good. All in all in took me about an hour and a half (simmering and boiling) but I have tonnes more plums so have frozen pre weighed bag fulls, and kept some aside to make some plum & banana bread, and crumble .

One question, in the comments it says that 1.8Kg is the weight without stones – but I'm confused as I thought you leave the stones in till you cook. So what is the weight with stones ? About double?

pete @ 3:04 pm #

Would sugar marked jam sugar jam work. Or ordinary granulated?

Charlie @ 6:02 pm #

Hi, I am going to make some plum jam from your recipe, the only thing that concerns me is the amount of water to use. After looking at various other recipes non seem to use as much water ! HELP .

norjam @ 1:53 pm #

Made my first batch of plum jam this weekend, and it is truly gorgeous. This is the second recipe I have used from your website and they are proving to be better than a lot of other recipe websites. Brilliant, I'm hooked!

norjam @ 1:54 pm #

@Charlie: I was also concerned about using the water, but it works.

nicky @ 3:00 pm #

Hi found this site – followed the recipe, the jam is great. I've made 3 batches of it now, so easy. Thank you for the recipe .

Jenni @ 7:36 pm #

Hi, I made some of this wonderful jam two nights ago in a haste to use a huge bag of plums given to me by a neighbour. Then I realised I didn't have any small jars! So used large kilner jars. Anyway, it's come out so well I want to decant the jam into smaller, sterilised jars to give as gifts, but will this be OK? Is there a sterile way of doing it? Thanks!

SeaBee @ 1:04 pm #

@Andrea Daley: Probably cherry plums (originally from Eastern Europe), used by local authorities as a decorative species. Pips and skin – the pips should float to the surface where they can be skimmed off, I'd leave the skin in.

SeaBee @ 1:08 pm #

@Claire: If you are using Kilner jars or second-hand jam jars the inbuilt rubber seal should mean that you don't need the disks.

kirsty @ 5:31 pm #

I have made some plum jam but waited for the 105 setting point and now its too set. Can I rescue it?

Caroline @ 6:11 pm #

Hi there.

I planted a plum tree in my back garden three years ago, it's a miniature, the first year it only gave two single plums, last year there were five, this year THERE ARE HUNDREDS :-) So, this was the first recipe I found for plum jam and then I went on a mission, done everything but the jam has not set. Anyway, I've added cinnamon to the recipe and it tastes real good, shame that it didn't set.
Oh by the way, anyone who is thinking of trying this out MAKE SURE YOU USE A VERY BIG SAUCEPAN I'm still scraping the bits off the hob..opps

Jim @ 10:09 pm #

hi, just made my jam from the first crop of plums in my garden. It gave 2 3/4 Lbs to which I added the same weight in sugar with 15oz of water. Worked well, set well, but very sweet. Did I add to much sugar?

Mary @ 8:06 pm #

Your plum jam recipe turned out great. I added a few things, some cooking apple, cinnamon and star anise. When testing for taste I found it quite sweet and addded juice of half a lemon. It set beautifully and everyone said the taste was wonderful. I have the second batch on at the moment as people pleaded with me to give them a pot. I used it on the top of coconut buns and it was yummy.

Mary @ 8:10 pm #

@Caroline: Caroline did you give it a brisk and very hot boil. Put two saucers in fridge and test until it gets crinkley on the saucer. Mine set perfectly, I'm not sure how much pectin is in the fruit, I didn't use overipe plums.

Ally @ 1:11 am #

I currently have my fruit and water simmering. Stupidly at midnight but I'm making jams and marmalade as Christmas gifts, being quite frugal!
This site is fantasic. Fingers crossed this batch sets and is all finished by 3am!!

Ally @ 2:08 am #

Oh my word, I have just finished and potted 7 1lb jars from this recipe. It is super sticky and tastes divine! Off to buy some more plums tomorrow so I have my own stocks for the year. Sod the xmas presents! Only a tiny thing I'd do differently, destone the plums first as I had to sieve and sure I missed some!

Hayley @ 2:16 pm #

I have just made my first batch :) What consume by date can you recommend? A few weeks, a month? 2 months?

Catherine @ 9:43 am #

I use the recipe quantities above with great success. I always make plum jam without stoning the plums first because we have Japanese rather than free stone European plums and the stones are hard to remove without wasting plum. I bring the plums to a boil in the small amount of water, then when they are soft mash them with a potato masher to break up the fruit and use a Chinese-cooking type skimmer ladle to take the stones out before I add the sugar. I count the plums before I put them in the pot and write the number down, then I don't forget how many stones I need to skim out.

june @ 10:41 pm #

Hi all

Just made runny plum jam – going to follow a few comments and try to thicken it up.
Should stay with what I am better at either cleaning or mowing lawns
Happy New Year to all.

Julia @ 3:28 pm #

I am about to make my first Jam ever and brought a heap of plums, but because I've left them for a week, they are going on the soft side but still with a little firmness if you know what I mean. Would these still be ok to use?

Viv @ 10:03 am #

I agree with Peter and I also added 1/2 tspn cloves to take away the sweetness. I made plum jam once before, years ago and it was delicious. I wish I could remember the recipe. This turned out more like a sauce and I wasn't 100% happy with it.

Karen @ 12:25 am #

Is the weight given for the plums before or after I have removed the stone please?

Dawn @ 3:13 pm #

Just making this again from plums frozen after picking – smells great and can't wait for tomorrow's breakfast when they will sit atop a lovely toasted croissant


Brilliant site

Pauline @ 11:41 am #


Packets of the wax discs, cellophane tops, elastic bands and labels are available on line, e.g. you should be able to get them on Amazon at very low cost.

Senga @ 5:26 pm #

@Andrea Daley:
Sounds like you have got Damsons rather than plums – equally delicious. If like me you cant be bothered scooping the stones out and checking to see if you've missed any, cut the fruit in half, remove the stones, put them in some muslin and put them into the pot that way you get the flavour and just need to pull the muslin bag out at the end. Either way enjoy your jam.

Jeanne @ 8:46 am #

@Claire: I made plum jam recently but didn't have wax discs handy so made them by cutting out disc shapes (by drawing round the jam jar) from baking parchment paper, it works and the jam is delicious.

Jeanne @ 9:04 am #

@Paul Digpal: Thanks for the tip about the pectin – I am trying to make damson jam but it is runny so will try grapefruit in it as that is what I have to hand. I made plum jam recently and put half a lemon in it with reduced amount of sugar – it was yummy and set perfectly.

Clara @ 9:24 am #

Thank you. I love thus recipie!
As I had such a huge quantity of plums this year, I pitted and froze a freezers worth!! I have defrosted them as mentioned above, and the quantity of liquid/juice is huge! Should I discard it all?
Many thanks

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