Chilli Jam Recipe

chilli jam

Recipe for Chilli Jam submitted by: Jo Mattinson

This is a super way to use courgette gluts and is very lovely – one of our favourite condiments.

 Ingredients for Chilli Jam:

  • 4 medium sized courgettes, grated
  • 1 tin tomatoes (or equivalent in the real thing) chopped
  • 1lb 10 oz sugar
  • 9 fl oz red wine vinegar
  • thumb sized lump of ginger, grated
  • bulb of garlic, minced
  • several fresh chillis chopped finely, or dried chillies chopped (to taste – I use about 8)

Method for Chilli Jam:

  1. Put everything in the pan together and boil for about an hour or until the mixture looks thickish.
  2. It doesn’t have to set like jam and it doesn’t have to be as thick as conventional chutney, but it shouldn’t have too much loose liquid.
  3. Put into sterilised jars.
  4. Can be eaten immediately.

This recipe can be adapted to use up gluts. I have made it with red peppers, celery and even rhubarb ! The courgette one is our favourite.

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14 comments on “Chilli Jam Recipe
  1. Jane Spall says:

    So easy and so delicious it’s good enough to have as a dip with crackers. I’ve also added it to chilli con carne and stews to give them a kick. A 5☆ recipe which shall be used for years to come.

  2. Sarah says:

    Just made the chilli jam, used some red pepper carrot and parsnip as didn’t have enough courgette. Also used white wine vinegar for same reason! So pleased with how easy it was, it yielded 5 smallish jars, and tastes great. Also looks great. Will be making again. Thanks

  3. Val Solly says:

    This looks great will try it when I get enough small jars. Just a quick question I guess you don’t peel the courgettes.

  4. Val Solly says:

    Just made this. It’s lovely. Will be making again.

  5. VALERIE SOLLY says:

    I have made this once before. I was not sure whether to peel courgettes. I half peeled them all the way round.It was very good. Can you please advise if I could leave all peel on.

  6. Val says:

    This isn’t my recipe but, personally, I would not peel the courgettes – just grate with the skin on.

  7. VALERIE SOLLY says:

    Thanks Val Will be making double tomorrow. Will go further if not peeled Will making double batch .

  8. Shirley Greenaway says:

    Made this chilli jam and used green peppers as had a glut of them. Very nice indeed.

  9. Kirsty says:

    Is it 1lb 10oz or 1lb 1oz of sugar please?

  10. Val says:

    1lb 10 oz – I’ve altered the recipe so that it is clear

  11. Wendy Hudspith says:

    I’m going to try this one as I have lots of chillis and peppers

  12. Donna Timmons says:

    Can anyone tell me what consistency this jam should be and how long it keeps for?

  13. Katy Mou says:

    Once Jar is opened how long does it keep for and should I store in Fridge?

  14. Elaine says:

    Love this chilli jam, have a glut of courgettes, can’t make enough.

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