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Online Planning Software for your Allotment & Vegetable Plot

Vegetable Garden Planning Software

Taking on an allotment or vegetable plot requires plenty of organisational skills as well as gardening ones. There are many areas that need careful planning in order to produce a successful and productive plot:

  • Seeds need ordering in the correct quantities
  • A plan needs to be drawn up of what will be planted where
  • Vegetables need to be rotated each year, making sure that plants from the same crop family are not grown in the same location in order to keep down pests and make sure that the soil does not become depleted of particular nutrients
  • Several vegetables are best started off inside or in a greenhouse to gain the maximum length of growing season and it is important to estimate how many plants will be required for the given space
  • Many vegetables require sowing, planting out and harvesting at particular times and it is useful to have a calendar to keep track of what needs doing each week

Traditionally, allotment holders have set up their own systems to manage these tasks – usually involving a notebook where the area can be planned out, often with a week-by-week list of things to be done and a record of what worked well. For some, this organisation happens naturally and they develop a ‘feel’ for when things need to be done based on years of experience. But others find they need to plan more thoroughly to get the best from their plot.

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Tailored for Your Area

All gardens are different – especially when it comes to the weather. That’s why the Garden Planner adapts to tailor your experience with relevant options and advice for your area.

Your Best Planting Dates

After you choose which plants you want to grow you can view a personal planting calendar which uses data from your local weather station to provide recommended planting dates. It will even send you email updates with detailed advice and planting reminders to keep you on track.

History & Crop Rotation

With so many different factors to consider, producing a multi-year crop rotation plan can be complicated. The Garden Planner keeps a complete history of your garden’s plants and provides easy-to-follow advice as you plan, making the process simple

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Allotment Garden Planning Software