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3 Creative Ways To Beautify Your Garden

Growing an allotment garden is a practical endeavor. You’re doing it to always have a fresh supply of delicious herbs and fruit and veg, as well as sustainability, not for aesthetic value. For that reason many allotment gardens are not exactly beautiful. Some gardeners don’t mind this, but you might wish your garden looked better.

The good news is that beautifying your garden does not have to be difficult or expensive. If you have patience for DIY, you can get creative and turn your garden into an aesthetic delight.

Try the following 3 methods.

Garden edging

One of the simplest ways to beautify your garden without encroaching on your growing space is by edging. Edging refers to creating slick, clean or creative borders to your garden. Instead of growing plants that happen to look good, you can uplift the entire garden like this.

There are some garden edging ideas that don’t cost a thing. For example, you can create a trench around the edges of your garden by using an edger and mounded soil for contrast. Alternatively, you can use second-hand items you already own like old terracotta pots to create a boundary.

DIY is all about making the most of what you have and what you can do on your own. That said, you can spend money buying some second-hand objects if you have a particular vision you can’t otherwise carry out.

Hanging gardens

A big part of allotment gardening is optimizing a small amount of space. Hopefully, you have planned your garden so that everything fits perfectly. But if you have run out of space anyway, you can bring out your creativity by finding ways to hang more plants.

How you go about this depends on your space, but whatever you do, this should be something that makes your garden more beautiful. Avoid simple solutions like clothes lines if they are going to look sloppy.

As an alternative, you can use pallets to add levels. You can use an old step ladder as a prop, giving you a quaint way to optimize your space and add character.

Create planters

One way of creating extra space and beautifying your garden is to make DIY planters. Planters essentially create their own gardening surface if you do them right. The great thing is that anything can be a planter. You can use old shoes for individual plants or herbs if they fit your aesthetic. You can use an old pair of jeans to create fabric holders for small plants.

Planters come in handy even if you don’t have the space for a full garden. People living in apartments use planters to optimize the sunlit areas or create a garden on the balcony. It’s no trouble to do so, and you can even end up with a significant indoor garden.

The key with planters is to use what you have to build something that looks both organic and cohesive. It can be a lot of fun problem solving for exactly what will make a good planter, making use of both your gardening know-how and aesthetic taste.

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