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Top tips for amateur gardeners: get started today

Lawn MowerPeople with green fingers know that gardening season never ends. There are different jobs you can do in your garden throughout the year and what you really need is the right set of tools. What it actually means depends of the level of your interest and engagement in horticulture, and what type of arrangements you expect to create. Here is the list of 10 places to buy your gardening tools, from  your everyday supermarkets to more specialised ones, and a quick guide where to look for savings.


Not many people know this but you can get decent quality gardening tools at the same store you shop every day. With Tesco, ASDA or Sainsbury’s just around the corner, you don’t need to run to the warehouse to find the things you need. It’s a great place to shop for tools if you’re just getting started and want to see whether it is right for you. The upside is that their prices are very reasonable and you can find the most basic tools without much hassle. The downside is that, as with anything in those stores (other than groceries), you would have to shop seasonally. There is very little chance you will find any type of professional equipment in autumn or in winter. A relatively new phenomenon on the British gardening market is Next – previously known only for selling fashion and homewares, now introduces its customers to the world of allotments, gardening tools and specialised clothing.

Home Improvement

DIY (do it yourself) stores provide you with many more possibilities than general supermarkets. On average, you get more options in terms of manufacturers but also in the types of tools you can purchase. This is the right choice if you’re interested in gardening but also want to explore other home improvement opportunities. It’s just much more convenient to shop at B&Q, Homebase or Wickes than to go to many different stores in search of both small digging tools and large power appliances such as lawn mowers or garden vacuums. What needs to be taken into account with DIY stores is that even though the equipment may be a bit more expensive, it will still represent better value for money. If the manufacturer specialises in making certain type of power tools, there is a higher probability that they will be of good quality.

Garden stores

If you want to buy more specialised tools and learn more on the way, you will be much better off at the gardening stores. People working there are much more educated in the subject of gardening than anywhere else and will be able to provide you with truly valuable advice. Places like Crocus, Keen Gardener or Wyevale can offer you the biggest range of plants, including flowers, bulbs as well as fruit and veg. You are also more likely to create stunning landscape arrangements in your garden with more specialised approach and help from dedicated customer service. In terms of the digging and cutting tools, you’ll see the crème de la crème of the equipment available on the market. The most precise and sophisticated appliances can be obtained at reasonable prices.

Reasons why people decide to dig deep into the soil may vary – some like the idea of having their own fresh produce instead of buying it at the supermarket. Others simply want to have some private space to relax regardless of the seasons. Finally, a place to meet your friends or for your kids to play, which is at your doorstep, is much more convenient. If you are serious about gardening, however, the right approach is key in your planning strategy.

To avoid unnecessary costs, you can subscribe to the shops’ newsletter services. You will be informed about any seasonal offers and the more proficient you become with your tools, the more things you will be able to do with off-season plants. You can also check their social media feeds. Nowadays, marketing teams of most retail chains take great care of their online presence as they know it’s by far the most effective way to reach new customers. Finally, if you don’t have the time and can’t be bothered with looking at all options available online, you can check discount code websites, like Picodi UK, where all offers are gathered under one roof. Very convenient once you know gardening is the thing you want to get involved in.

There might not be much profit out of your new hobby but the pleasure you get from looking at the end result is priceless. Your own tomatoes will taste differently and you’ll know you’ve put your garden space to the best use. Most importantly, it’s the best way to spend time together in the fresh air, use your energy in a healthy way and inspire others to just go outside and create their own pieces of art.

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