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How Inflatable Hot Tubs Improve Your Garden Ten Fold

As modern technology continues to make our lives easier, more comfortable and convenient, it has spread from inside our homes to just outdoors. More and more people are finding that owning their own hot tub is something they can really embrace, without many of the hassles which used to come with installing what was once seen as a luxury item.

The luxury is still there, but today’s inflatable hot tubs combine this with speed and ease of installation, easy maintenance and sheer pleasure of use. Read on to see why you should seriously consider having one of these superb fixtures in your garden.

Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable Hot Tub

Rediscover your garden

With space always a problem for families, it’s a shame that more of us don’t make use of some of the best space we’ve got; the garden. For many families, the front, back or side garden is badly or underused. Quite often, this precious outdoor space becomes nothing more than a junkyard for discarded toys, while dad’s shed is a far off sign of neglect which nobody wants to think about.

Gardening programmes on the TV have turned some of us into budding horticulturalists or perhaps got some of us to start growing our own fruit and veg. However, none of these scream luxury like a hot tub where you can enjoy time with family and friends.

Great for family gatherings

A hot tub in the back garden, on the other hand, is a focal point for all visitors, especially family. Unlike herbaceous borders or man caves, an outdoor spa, hot tub or jacuzzi is somewhere everyone wants to go. Today’s inflatables are inviting, bright, clean and safe; somewhere adults and children alike actively want to enjoy.

With your hot tub up and running, all you need to make a barbecue or drinks party perfect is reasonable weather; the tub will do the rest. (In fact, with a canopy or other structure for cover, you don’t even need to worry about the rain.) Once the drinks are served and people have something to eat, you can be sure they’ll gravitate towards your hot tub.

Plan for a makeover

With so many cool inflatable hot tubs available, swimming pools are a thing of the past in the UK, but the main reason people appreciate them is that they don’t need building. That’s not to say, however, that these features can’t be permanent parts of your garden. While you don’t need planning permission to install an inflatable, you’ll still need to give plenty of thought to where to put it, and what you’ll need to change in the rest of the garden.

There are some necessities to bear in mind. Firstly, you’ll need hot, cold and wastewater pipes and plumbing; secondly, the tub has to be solidly based, on a flat surface and preferably raised above ground level. These considerations are sure to narrow down your options, which will have the knock-on effect of forcing you to re-evaluate your whole garden space.

You also want your guests (and yourself) to have some privacy when using your hot tub. For most people, this means having a nice looking but practical timber rail around the bathing area. This itself is often made of treated wooden decking, which feels nice underfoot and looks classy next to the modern technology of the hot tub or spa.

Practical and smart

Paved patio areas are also very popular as a base and surround for inflatable tubs and jacuzzis. Having a patio area installed ensures the base is absolutely level, which is essential for hot tub installation; it also avoids the temptation to put the tub directly onto grass, which is a terrible idea, as the grass will die and any rainfall will make your tub muddy and unsightly.

So, having taken all of these factors into consideration, you might well be thinking of a space in a shady spot, accessed by a smart path; a paved patio area (not too big), raised wooden decking with a smart, sturdy, varnished rail, maybe a discreet timber canopy, and a luxurious two, four, six or even eight-seater hot tub in the middle, bubbling and ready to go. That sounds like a garden anyone would be proud of.

Last Word

With everything concluded, it’s no surprise that inflatable hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular, they are a fraction of the price of fixed tubs but still offer a great deal of luxury. Not to mention the easy set up and maintenance making them accessible to everyone. So what are you waiting for, improve your garden ten fold today!

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