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Planning a garden or allotment clearance

Weeds, couch grass and gardening pests love to live in your unattended allotments and gardens. It’s all breezy and cool when you think about an outstanding garden or lush-green plants in your allotment; but taking care of your garden or allotment is the real deal.

Questions like, “Do you have proper sunlight in your garden?” or “How do you take care of the weeds in your garden?” require proper answers for a refreshing garden or a budding allotment. So you finally want to clear out your garden/allotment and are all out of ideas? Here’s what you should know before clearing your garden or allotment.

Perfect time for clearance

Timing is important for garden cleaning or taking care of your allotment. Weeds love to pop up in spring and you have to stay prepared for fighting against them. Autumn and winter are the best times in the year to clean your garden or allotment. Plants are dormant in these two seasons. Cleaning out the weeds from the roots in these seasons can save you from worrying about them in the spring. Gardeners like you are busy in spring to sow enough plants and look after the seedlings. But you can get away with putting black plastic sheeting on your allotment or garden for weed control.

Comfort Is Important

Admit it, cleaning your garden or allotment is a hectic task. Getting all worked up is important to weed out your lawn and throw away all the rubbish. If you are not an expert at taking care of your garden, then the best thing is to stay away from going through all the trouble. You won’t like to make your way to the hospital for spraining your ankle while cleaning yourself. How about you hire a skip and let them handle all the clearance work? This way, you can spend your time decorating your garden or sowing seeds in your allotment instead of having no energy after doing the clearance work. Prioritize your ease and look for options that can help you the most.

Handling The Waste

Clearance is useless if you leave the waste in your garden or allotment. Disposing both the organic and non-organic waste is important to maintain the beauty. The trimmed-down leaves and branches are best suited for landfills, where they get converted into manure. Not disposing of the waste results in promoting disease and provides a place for pests to live and survive. The longer tree branches are useful for gardeners and homeowners, so think twice before disposing of them.

You can cut down the tree branches and store them for the future use. Usually the homeowners use the tree branches to warm their houses in the winter. But one thing that you can forget after doing all the hard work is to clean your tools. Never put your tools back in the storeroom without cleaning them properly. The moisture and dust can destroy your tools. Employ these techniques of waste management to see outstanding results.

Safety Measures

Clearance of your garden is not free of any harmful activity. Different pests or reptiles might’ve made their way into your garden. Staying safe from them and avoiding conflict with them should be your priority. Therefore, most people recommend you hire a professional skip service that clears your garden at an affordable price and saves you from any potential harms.

Time of the day

Garden clearance or allotment clearance is best done in the morning or evening. You should avoid working to clear the garden at noon. The reason is the soil is easier to dig in the morning and evening because it is soft in these times. Sunlight makes the soil hard and stiff which produces difficulty to soften the soil and dig out plants.


Clearing out your garden or allotment is a laborious process which you can do on your own if you are an expert. Doing it on your own is not the best option if you are physically not strong or don’t know about the subtleties of garden clearance. The best workaround is to hire professionals to clear your garden of all the unnecessary things. Prioritise your safety and convenience for maximum comfort. Happy gardening!

Article from Harry Wilson

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