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Repair Rather Than Replace Old Garden Machinery and Power Tools

We all know that looking after our possessions properly and keeping them well maintained can help to prolong their life, whether shoes, clothes, a vehicle or books. It’s not only good for you pocket to repair rather than replace old garden machinery and power tools but good for the environment as well.

Mantis Tiller

Power Tiller in Use – Regular Maintenance is Vital

For some items, it is not only a case of prolonging their life but also there is the safety angle to consider – none more so than when it comes to maintaining your garden machinery and power tools.

Replacing garden machinery can be an expensive business; however, a good maintenance routine, using equipment carefully and replacing worn or broken parts with good-quality, competitively-priced garden machinery spare parts can really help to prolong their life and ensure they are safe to use.

Regular Garden Tool Maintenance

A regular maintenance routine should include a number of checks and can often identify parts that need to be replaced.

For power tools, you should look out for any damage to the cord. If you find any and feel confident that you can replace any damaged sections yourself, that’s great; if not, find a local expert who can do this for you. Inspect the tools for wear and tear or damage, paying particular attention to the blades. These should be oiled on a regular basis and replaced if teeth are missing or worn.

There is a wide range of garden power tool parts, chainsaw spare parts and replacement strimmer parts on the market that you can use to replace any damaged or worn parts. Chainsaws are one tool that can cause severe injuries to the user if not maintained properly, especially as they are often used at height with the operator balanced on a ladder. It is often worth keeping some chainsaw spare parts to hand in your shed. It is equally important to keep the chainsaw chains sharp and always use the best chainsaw chain that fits the given job.

Mower Maintenance

Lawn Mower

Mowers work so much better with sharp blades!

If you use a petrol mower, make sure that you always empty the fuel tank before you store it away, as leaving petrol in the tank can cause corrosion and also degrade the fuel’s efficacy. Always make sure that you remove any excess grass from around the parts of your machine and clean rollers, grass boxes and blades thoroughly. If you find that your blades are blunt or damaged, you can either get them sharpened or buy replacements from a lawnmower spare parts provider. Other lawnmower spare parts you may need include filters and cables.

The humble strimmer, often seen as just a way to edge the lawn, can have multiple uses if maintained correctly, from cutting back long weeds and grass to clearing a path or creating a variety of textures on your lawn. You must make sure that the spool, line and blades are in good working order and buy replacement strimmer parts when you need them.

Look After Garden Hand Tools

Don’t forget your hand-held equipment, such as spades, rakes and forks, particularly if they have wooden handles. These need to be well cleaned after use and a regular coat of oil applied to prevent cracking and splintering.

Get the Right Garden Machinery Spare Parts

Whatever garden machinery spare parts you need for your equipment, make sure you purchase them from a reputable company with plenty of experience. If your garden machinery and power tools are older models, replacement part numbers may have changed or have become obsolete. A reputable supplier will be able to advise you on the correct substitute garden power tool parts.

If you are using your garden machinery and power tools for domestic purposes, you may not need to replace the parts quite so regularly; however, a few spare parts in the shed will never go amiss. No one wants to be caught short on a sunny day with guests expected for a barbecue, a lawn that reaches knee height and a broken lawnmower.

If you use your equipment commercially, it is even more important to ensure it is well maintained and you have plenty of spare parts to hand.

Garden machinery is expensive to purchase; however, look after it well and it can last a lot longer than you think.

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