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6 Ways to Enjoy Your Garden More This Summer

Some of us love our gardens and allotments. We spend time in them throughout the year, and eagerly await the warmer weather when we can get out and enjoy our outdoor spaces even more. But gardening isn’t for everyone. If you work a busy job, you might find that the last thing that you want to do in your free time is work in your garden. You might not have a passion for gardening, as we can’t all be green-fingered.

But that shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy being out in your garden in nice weather. Spending more time outdoors means that you get more vitamin D, it can reduce stress and anxiety, encourage you to exercise, help you to sleep better, and generally improve your health and wellbeing. Here are 6 of the ways even non-gardeners can enjoy their gardens this summer.

Grow Your Own Food

When we think of gardening, we typically picture flowers and plants, which not everyone is bothered about. Yes, they look great, but you can have a perfectly presentable garden without them.

Growing your own food, however, has more than aesthetic benefits. Homegrown food is usually healthier and often tastes better. It also comes with a huge sense of satisfaction and can give your time outdoors a purpose.

Keep it Simple

If you don’t like gardening, you’ll never spend more time in your garden if there’s always a lot to do. You’ll avoid it instead.

So, keep things simple. Fit decking with a stylish 2 seater bistro set so you can enjoy the sun. Make sure any plants are easy to care for and perennial. Consider using planters and pots, instead of beds, and an artificial lawn can be very low maintenance.

Start a Project

We aren’t all good at simply relaxing outside. Some people can lay in the sun for hours but it’s not for everyone. If you need something to do, why not start a project for the summer? Something like upcycling old household items into cool planters you can do a bit at a time, and that means you’ve always got an excuse to get outdoors.

Get Comfortable

Whether you plan to work outside, relax with a book, or get stuck into a project, you need to be able to get comfy. Give yourself options with different kinds of outdoor seating, but make sure you include an aluminium sun lounger, which will give you somewhere to relax and look fantastic.

Give Yourself Space to Entertain

Being able to invite friends and family around for a chilled-out BBQ or garden party is a great way to make sure you want to spend more time in your garden. Invest in a 4 seater garden table and some other options, as well as a BBQ, and maybe some outdoor games and toys.

Include it in Your Routine

Think about your daily routine. Is there anything that you could easily do outdoors? Things like morning stretches or yoga practice, enjoying a morning coffee, working from home, or eating lunch can all be done outside. Include this in your routine and it will soon start to feel natural.

Once you start to spend more time in your garden, you’ll start to enjoy the benefits of more time outdoors and you won’t want to stop.

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