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How To Give Your Garden A Makeover During Lockdown

The recent lockdown due to COVID -19 can affect people and their mental states in many ways. For starters, not being able to step out of the house and being stuck in your home all day can affect your mood and energy. Feelings of dread and loneliness can overcome us and can also lead to other psychological issues. However, every problem comes with a silver lining, and people can make the most out of this situation by investing or cultivating a hobby or learning new skills. Many people have gardens in their homes, big or small, and being around plants can have a positive impact on your mental health.

Garden Makeover

Getting Help with the Garden Makeover!

Universal gardening tips

Gardening can be therapeutic in nature. They serve as a break from the monotony of staying indoors all day long. In these modern and challenging times, connecting with nature, can have a positive impact on your well-being and health. We share some of the best tips and tricks to give your garden the best makeover possible during these hard times. The space of your garden is not a factor, but the energy and dedication you give matters the most. Let’s start with the basics.

Tidying up is the way to start

Before you start cranking your thoughts on the best makeovers, it is best to start with a total clean up. This not only creates space for more ideas and designs to incorporate but also gives you the feeling that something big is about to happen. Waste generated can be disposed of using many methods. However, can you put garden waste in a skip? Famous landscape company Bowles and Wyre recommends using skips as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of disposing garden waste.

Dividing your plants

Flowers of the same colour and flowering seasons can be added together for a more aesthetic appeal. This gives a beautiful colour scheme for the garden. For example, you can put Daylilies, Roses, Geums, Asters together and create a subtle colour palette. Some plants can also be matched with others. Bright orange marigolds can be combined with white roses which looks extremely appealing.

Create similar zones

Zones of different themes can be created for increased free space. Garden furniture can be placed in one section while another may have a children’s mini play area. This ensures your whole family can have fun and relax in the garden.

Now that the area is set and ready let’s have fun with some design and creativity.

Birdhouses and bird bowls

They are excellent in enticing wildlife to your garden. Who doesn’t want to see a couple of Tits and Robins in their backyards? Birdhouses and feeding bowls ensure your garden is buzzing with life. It also makes it appealing for bees and other animals like hedgehogs to thrive.

Flowers and foliage

If you never considered exotic flowers, it is the time to try it out. Try planting Tulips, Hyacinth, Calla Lilly for a more pagan like experience. Chinese evergreens, Elephant ears add more style and creativity to your garden.

DIY fountains and sculptures

There are tons of videos available on DIY fountains for your garden. Try checking them out and also watch videos on how to make beautiful sculptures out of waste. Try decorating them with fairy lights.


Gardening has numerous health benefits. The charm and beauty of flowers can act as excellent stress busters during these times. Make the most out of your lockdown now; by incorporating some of the ideas and tips above, and turn your home garden into a plethora of paradise.

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