Allotment Growing Photo History

A photographic history of 7 of our 8 years growing on allotments in Crewe, Cheshire along with some photographs of our garden and some I just thought you'd like to see! It's quite interesting to compare year against year.

We've moved now to a windy hillside in North Wales and are starting a new veg plot from scratch. More information here: Our Smallholding

You can follow our adventures here in our allotment diary

Random Allotment Photos
from the Gallery

Pumpkin by First Early Potatoes
June 2008

In the Greenhouse
July 2006

In the small greenhouse on plot 29
May 2010

Outdoor Plum Roma Tomatoes
June 2008

Plot 29 - Green Manure
August 2005

Preparing the Halloween Pumpkin
January 2006

Geese Fly Past
February 2007

Cauliflower and Me
November 2007



Sweetcorn Harvest

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From the Allotment Diaries

House Plants

Whilst we’ve had almost constant rain, I’ve not managed to get much done outside. Even when it’s not been raining, everything is sodden. So, being indoors set me looking at our indoor houseplants. Sadly we don’t have much space for

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Asian Hornets – Advice Guide

Asian hornets, Vespa velutina, have spread across Europe and have now arrived in Britain. They’re a particular threat to honey bees. Our help forum administrator ‘Aunt Sally’ has produced this Asian Hornet advice guide to raise awareness and give advice

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Tomato Fertiliser, Tidying up for Winter

A chat about fertiliser results in some free tomatoes. And very nice they were too. Tidying up in the greenhouses and polytunnel as I prepare for winter. Tomato Fertiliser I had a chat with Barry Langdon, the head chemist at

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