Allotment Growing Photo History

A photographic history of 7 of our 8 years growing on allotments in Crewe, Cheshire along with some photographs of our garden and some I just thought you'd like to see! It's quite interesting to compare year against year.

We've moved now to a windy hillside in North Wales and are starting a new veg plot from scratch. More information here: Our Smallholding

You can follow our adventures here in our allotment diary

Random Allotment Photos
from the Gallery

National Vegetable Society Stand
August 2006

My One Cucumber
August 2010

Larry\'s Tomatoes
September 2008

Tomatoes, Sweetcorn, Onions and Potatoes.
June 2007

Nature Gets Ready
January 2008

Shed,  Yet More Beds and Head on a Pole
April 2009

The Tractor Arrives
February 2007

Carrots and Parsnips
August 2007



Sweetcorn Harvest

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From the Allotment Diaries

Leaf Cutter Bees

It’s strange how things happen sometimes. I’d not heard of leaf cutter bees, although I was fascinated by leaf cutter ants in the Amazon as a child. Then I got this email from Paul Nanson with a couple of photos

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Polytunnel Ventilation – Solar Powered Cooling System

Polytunnels, like greenhouses, can get very hot in sunny weather. Controlling temperature and humidity is critical though and I’ve tackled the problem of polytunnel ventilation by installing a solar powered cooling system. A Better Way! I was working in the

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Worms – Increasing Worm Population

A reader who has taken over a new plot is concerned at the lack of worms in the soil. So taking a look at some possible causes of a low worm population and how to increase worm populations in the

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