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How to Ensure the Security of your Allotment

This article looks at allotment security from another angle, concentrating on security fencing and discussing various types.

Railing Allotment Security FencingThe security of your allotment is paramount if you want to protect the contents of your shed, your produce and any livestock that live there. There are often news stories of allotment break-ins causing hefty repair bills and unneeded stress.

This has worsened since the value of scrap metal has increased, meaning opportunistic thieves may seize any opportunities that come along.

Even if theft isn’t a concern you may have other issues such as gangs of youths congregating at the allotments on an evening or flying footballs squashing your seedlings!! The question is what can you do to increase security at your allotment?

Metal Sheds Increase Allotment Security

One of the first things is to ensure that any expensive equipment is kept out of sight and is housed in a secure shed. Metal sheds are more of a deterrent to thieves as they are harder to break into than traditional wooden sheds.

Although getting a metal shed may secure your items, neighbouring allotments may encourage thieves meaning your produce could still be damaged by someone walking over it or needlessly damaging it.

If you have livestock then try to keep them fully secured so thieves cannot get to them easily. If this is not possible then consider things such security tagging which means livestock can be traced back to you if they are stolen.

Consider Allotment Perimeter Fencing

It is perhaps a good idea to get together with everyone from your allotment to discuss a plan of action so everyone is protected and working together. Rather than replacing sheds that are serving their purpose another option could be replacing your perimeter fencing.

Although this might seem like an expensive option the fact it would ensure your allotments security for years to come means that in the long term it is a cost effective option.

To act as a deterrent you need to choose fencing that looks like it means business. If it looks easy to climb over or snip through then it won’t be as effective as a tall, sturdy fence.

Steel Allotment Fencing

Steel railing such as the fence in the photograph is tall enough to act as a deterrent to thieves but it will also stop the likelihood of things such as footballs being kicked over and flattening your plants. The top can come in a range of finishes so you could even get a spiked top if theft is common in your area.

Another fence that will act as a deterrent is a steel palisade fence. Steel palisade fencing is approved by most high street insurance companies which means if you do have expensive equipment on site having this form of fencing may reduce any insurance that you have on it.

If you choose these type of steel fences they generally come with a 25 year guarantee and are very low maintenance. This contrasts with wooden fencing that requires regular care and maintenance. The other downside of wooden fencing is that it can be set on fire and easily broken through.

If security is your priority then steel fencing is definitely worth considering.

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