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Grow Your Own Competition – Notable Entries

These three entries show the diversity of allotment growing nicely. The sheer joy even when things don’t go quite to plan or as you expected!


Photo: Kevin Samways

The first, from Kevin Samways, really sums up allotmenting for me.

Kevin says:

We grow our own mainly because it’s fun. To put in some work and see the fruits of your labour growing to us is great. We have also noticed an improvement in taste, especially when it’s plot to plate! It also provides the perfect environment to relax and switch off , have also met some really nice people and learnt a lot.

This one from Barry Marshall  shows the comradeship of allotments.

Barry Marshall

Photo: Barry Marshall

Barry Says:

It’s not much of a photo of my veg plot but it does show for me why I grow my own.

First there is the pride in what you do. This herb is eight years old and started life in a ten inch pot. I have never done anything to it and this year it flowered.

Secondly all during the summer I have been in and out of hospital , my friends rallied round and looked after the plot all this year from July without being asked. This is when you find out who your friends are.

Now I am looking forward to 2017.

Finally a bit of fun from Gloria Lamb worthy of ‘That’s Life’ if you remember the show.


Parsnip by Gloria Lamb

Gloria Says:

My allotment to me is my little piece of heaven! It gives me respite from all the stresses of normal life. I get exercise, fresh air, time to listen to the birds and produce that I know everything about. There’s no mistaking that it’s hard work and the plants don’t always grow as well as I would like. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I really enjoy the challenge.

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