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Here is How Having and Maintaining a Back Garden Allotment Could Help You to Sell Your Home

There are a range of qualities and attributes that can help to sell a property – these are often referred to as features. A feature can be anything from a hard wood floor, to a statement window. It could even be that the architecture of your home is unique in some way, or has some historical context behind it even. All of these possibilities would be likely to increase the value of your home, and could even make its value larger, meaning you can up your asking price.

One feature that people wouldn’t often think of adding to their home – or of it being a sellable commodity – is an allotment. Sure, gardens are great – but if you can offer a back garden allotment to a potential buyer, you’re looking at increased value for sure. Possibly even a quicker selling time.

But how can keeping and owning a well-maintained back garden allotment really help you to sell your home? Today, we’re going to be answering exactly that.

It’s Technically Owning a Patch of Land

A common piece of professional advice to sell your house fast which is usually given to homeowners looking to sell their homes, is that the more space they can offer, the quicker and more profitable the sale is likely to be. The same very much applies for land too.

Being able to offer a patch of land that belongs to you, to a potential buyer, is a massive selling point. It gives the property a whole new angle, and makes it all the more appealing. Particularly if the allotment is already well maintained, and could be easily taken over by the new owner.

People love the idea of owning their own land alongside a property – which is why big gardens are such a great thing to advertise when selling a house. Being able to offer an allotment alongside that gives the new owner the choice of whether to change the use of the space, or to continue using it to grow produce. It’s simply having the land that makes the difference.

Your Own Produce Could Help with Property Staging

We know, you’re probably thinking, “what does my own produce have to do with selling my house?!”. Well, you’d be surprised at how you can utilise the use of your fresh fruit, plants and flowers in order to make your property more appealing to prospective buyers.

Quite often, in the world of real estate, professionals talk about “staging” the “perfect” house. Now, the devil really is in the detail when it comes to doing this, and you can incorporate your home grown fruit and flowers into that.
Quite often, it’s advised that in a kitchen there should be two things:

  1. Fresh flowers
  2. Fresh fruit in the bowl

Now, if you grow these two things in your very own allotment, you’re at a huge advantage, because you can use these things to decorate your kitchen accordingly.

Furthermore, why not take it a step further, and appeal to all of the senses? Potential buyers are not only attracted by what they see in a property, but how it smells also. Put your baking hat on, and bake a fruit pie just before viewings to fill your property with a beautiful, homely scent that’ll keep potential buyers wanting to come back for more.

And if they compliment the smell, the flowers, or the fruit – you can tell them it’s all home grown and organic produce from the allotment in your back garden! What’s not to love about that?

It Offers a Greener Way of Life to Potential Buyers

If you’ve read a newspaper, switched on the news or even just flicked through social media lately, you’ll be well aware that we’re all being encouraged to reduce our carbon footprint, and that more and more people are becoming accustomed to greener living. Finally, selling a property with an on-site allotment lends itself to this incredibly well.

Simply being able to offer this lifestyle inevitably attracts a wider range of buyer. Sure, the extra land is appealing to everyone – but now your property is likely to attract those who only choose to live organic, or perhaps are extremely passionate about the environment. It gives your property a unique selling point that attracts a particular audience.

Plus, it means you’ll be living greener. So not only will you sell your home for a good price at a quick rate – you’ll also be helping the environment and living a healthy lifestyle in the process. That’s no bad thing.

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