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Grow Your Own Competition – Exmouth

Exmouth Allotment

Photo: Steven Coles

Steven Coles grows on an allotment in Exmouth, Devon. A lovely climate if you don’t mind the odd drop of rain!

Steven says:

The reason I like to grow my own is it has helped to bring my father and I closer together and taught my family about the food we eat and the importance of all aspects of organic growing for sustainable food production

My allotment to me is my little piece of heaven! It gives me respite from all the stresses of normal life. I get exercise, fresh air, time to listen to the birds and produce that I know everything about.

There’s no mistaking that it’s hard work and the plants don’t always grow as well as I would like. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I really enjoy the challenge.

Greenhouse on Allotment

Photo: Steven Coles

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