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Grown in Britain Cookbook by Dorling Kindersley

Grown in Britain CookbookThis book has two great logos – Dorling Kindersley and the Soil Association and contributions from well known chefs like Sophie Grigson.

It’s a selection of recipes, copiously illustrated with full colour photographs (some of which are relevant) and very much a coffee table book. Having said that, hidden amongst the recipes you’d only expect to find in top London restaurants, there is quite a lot of helpful and interesting basic food information and some really good simple recipes.

A good guide to eating more locally and some dinner party recipes to showcase your locally grown food.

On balance, well worth having.

Available both new and second hand from Amazon for as little as a penny plus postage.

Amazon Reviews of Grown in Britain Cookbook:

“I received this as a present a couple of years ago and barely a week goes by where I don’t refer to it.
I admit I haven’t tried any of the recipes, though they do look delicious, but it is invaluable as a reference tool for British produce, particulalry when trying to identify and find a way to prepare and cook some of the veg we get in our weekly delivery!

There are photos of every British fruit, vegetable, meat, and loads of cheeses and fish too, and it’s really a joy to look through.”

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