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Food Smoking: A Practical Guide by Turan T. Turan

Food Smoking a Practical GuideA comprehensive guide to different smoking methods for a wide range of foods from meat and fish to cheese and vegetables. He also covers building your own smokers and brining and curing.

The author, Turan T. Turan has been a passionate smoker of food for many years, teaches courses all around UK and now crystallises his knowledge in this reference work

Back in our cave-dwelling days, food smoking was used to preserve food and then our ancestors discovered just how great it makes food taste.

Within Food Smoking: a Practical Guide. the author explains the basics of cold and hot smoking; delves into the principles of combustion and explains brining and dry salt curing. He also outlines how to source wood for smoking and provides plans for building a cold smoker and smoke generators.

Available through Amazon both new and second hand.

Amazon Reviews of Food Smoking a Practical Guide:

“Superb introduction to Food smoking. I recently purchased another book by a TV celebrity and was very disappointed. The book was very comprehensive but the expensive smoking equipment recommended wasn’t very helpful. This book is far better for the person that wants to try smoking food at home on a budget. It shows you how to smoke food in a cheap home-made cardboard box smoker.

It’s written in a informative way and very easy to understand. Turan even runs courses on smoking and curing if you want to gain some practical experience from an expert. I highly recommend this book if your interested in smoking your own food. “

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