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How to Store Your Garden Produce: The Key to Self-sufficiency by Piers Warren

How to Store Your Garden ProduceThe subtitle on this book “The key to self-sufficiency” does sum it up. Growing your own is great, but you need to know how to store your produce or by winter you will be trudging around the supermarket buying that which you could have had for free.

The only downside to this book in my eyes is that it doesn’t cover some things in enough depth for me. That said, it is a book I’m happy to have on my bookshelf.

Rather than concentrating on storage methods, the author takes a crop and offers the applicable storage methods for that crop. So for blackcurrants we get jam, jelly, juice and wine but for leeks we just get freezing as a storage method. Not that there is much else you could do with leeks.

The rhubarb cheese recipe is delicious, by the way!

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Amazon Reviews of How to Store Your Garden Produce:

“How did I manage without this book? My colleagues at work regularly share our surplus produce from our gardens and allotments. This book has provided much needed inspiration for us. The plum chutney recipe is a real winner! The second edition is much improved with many more recipes.
I shall not be short of ideas this summer!”

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