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The Bean Book: Essential Vegetarian Collection by Rose Elliot

The Bean Book by Rose ElliotAlthough we’re not vegetarians we do eat quite a few vegetarian meals and Rose Elliot is an absolutely brilliant writer. The bean book has bean around for many years and we’ve nearly worn out our copy.

Beans are the frugal cook’s best friend. They provide a high quality vegetarian source of protein and are one of the cheapest wholefoods to buy. They store well in jars in a cupboard, and can manage to stretch a meal with just a small handful of dried beans.

If you thought beans were boring, give this a try and you’ll amaze yourself and your friends.

Available both new and second hand from Amazon.

Amazon Reviews of The Bean Book:

“I first came across rose Elliott’s Bean Book when I was at University and I literally taught myself to cook from it and survived on a very slender budget by cooking all her wonderful, cheap and tasty bean recipes.

My original copy was falling to pieces so I’ve just bought this new edition – and I still love it! The warmth and friendliness of the book are very encouraging and the recipes are lovely.”

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