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Curing & Smoking: River Cottage Handbook No.13

Curing & Smoking: River Cottage Handbook

by Steven Lamb, introduced by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

We’ve been looking at smoking food for a while now and this has to be the best book on the subject we’ve seen. It’s comprehensive covering nearly every food you can think of to (reasonably) smoke and covers building your own smokers or which smokers to buy depending on how big your project – a definite bonus.

From how to build your own smokers to how to prepare and handle meat safely before smoking or curing, plus plenty of other useful advice to get you curing and smoking in no time at all.

Making your own bacon at home, free from added nitrates, water, and sugar (unless honey smoking – which is delicious!), will mean you never want to pop along to the Supermarket for bacon again. The taste of home smoked or cured food just cannot be beaten.

Through Amazon you can pick up both new and second hand copies.

Amazon Reviews of Curing & Smoking: River Cottage Handbook No.13:

“Well illustrated and well explained book for those wanting to take steps into home curing and smoking. Steve Lamb takes you through the processes from preparing the meat to curing, smoking and slicing and explains the principals involved in each step in an easy concise way. This is truly the best book I have so far on this topic, each item is explained in such a way that you want to have a go! If you have never tried but want to this is the book to start you on the journey to cure your own bacon and other meats, you won’t be disappointed by the results when you follow Steve’s step by step guide.

I would recommend this book to anyone like me who thought it would be good to have a go but have yet too. This puts all those concerns over storage, mould etc to bed with a nice cuddle from Steve.

This book far exceeded my expectations having purchased other books on the subject. Don’t let the size fool you, it’s packed, its easy to read with loads of pictures especially where it is needed in the butchery area showing the end results.

If its for yourself and fancy a go at curing or you know someone who is interested this is the book to have”

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