Herb Growing

These articles on herb growing should give you basic guidance to enable you to grow your own culinary and medicinal herbs.

Herb GardenFor thousands of years people have used herbs to add flavour to foods. Those herbs could be found easily growing wild for free.

More herbs were brought into the country by travellers and returning crusaders. These needed to be carefully cultivated to cope with our climate.

The medicinal use of herbs, which were a valuable free resource, led to the development of herb gardens and physic gardens.

These were often located in monasteries where herb growing was part of life.

General Herb Growing Articles

Growing Herbs From Seed Indoors

Growing Herbs From Seed Indoors

This article, from respected author Philip Swindells, gives some valuable guidance on growing herb seeds indoors to steal ahead of the season. Herbs make the difference in a meal and there is little to beat fresh herbs picked from the garden. Most...
Herbs for the Allotment Edible Garden

Herbs for the Allotment Edible Garden

by Dick Handscombe, Holistic gardener and allotmentor, author and broadcaster, living in Spain for 25 years See his site Gardening in Spain Since I first had a personal garden 70 years ago, at the age of five, herbs of one sort or another always featured....
Plan & Create A Medicinal Herb Garden

Plan & Create A Medicinal Herb Garden

How and Why to Plan & Create a Medicinal Herb Garden By Dafydd Monks, BSc (Hons). Medical Herbalist Many of us have a few culinary herbs growing in our gardens, but would you like to grow 14 really useful herbs in a small space and learn how...

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I firmly believe that comfrey, specifically the Bocking 14 strain developed by L D Hills founder of the HDRA is very under rated by both gardeners and farmers. It will grow in most ground; from sand to heavy clay, wet or dry, sun or shade. It's deep...

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