Raised Bed Kits, Wooden, Plastic Raised Beds

From raised deep beds in both timber and plastic materials to the famous link-a-bord deep bed system as used by 10 times Gold Medal Winner at Chelsea Flower Show Medwyn Williams.

Deep beds enable you to grow at higher densities as the usable soil depth is deeper and they are easy to control and keep weed free.

The link-a-bord system is particularly effective as it uses double walled sections to insulate the plants.



10 times Gold Medal Winner at Chelsea Flower Show Medwyn Williams says "I grow my leeks for Chelsea Flower Show in Link-a-bord because I find all my plants perform better in Link-a-bord double walled containers"

Check out the full range of link-a-bord raised bed kits below.The original link-a-bord raised bed system. Versatile and effective with many additional options

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Plastic Raised Beds

Plastic Raised Beds

Create traditional Raised Beds within your kitchen or vegetable garden - or even on your patio! - with these easy to use Raised Bed kits.

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Timber Raised Deep Bed Kits

Timber Raised Deep Bed Kits

Gardening in Raised Beds makes life in the garden much simpler and effective - you can easily convert a weed-riddled wasteland into an attractive, productive, fruit or vegetable plot with the following combinations of unique raised bed systems.

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Raised Bed Accessories

Raised Bed Accessories

Protection covers not only keep pests out but create ideal growing conditions for crops and maximise your yield.

Lining your bed improves water retention but also they will contain fine sand and compost - a must if using beds on the patio. They also suppress weeds pushing from beneath the beds. Loops on the corners help when emptying beds at the end of the season.

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Metal Raised Beds

Metal Raised Beds

Metal Raised Beds are a another alternative to the traditional Wooden Raised Beds. They are easy to maintain and still come with a 10 year structural guarantee, the Harrod Metal Raised Beds will look great in your garden for many years years to come.

The modular steel raised beds have quickly become very popular with raised bed gardening fans, offering a very reliable alternative to the wooden raised beds and look great too.


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