Polytunnels, Mini Tunnels and Mini Greenhouses

Poly Tunnels provide lots of space & light at a fraction of the cost of a glass glazed greenhouse. Ideal for growing out of season salad produce, early vegetables, bedding plants etc.

From cheap and cheerful easy to erect polythene Mini greenhouses to high quality Mini Greenhouses with toughened horticultural glass.

Mini Greenhouses

Mini Greenhouses

Suitable for gardens & allotments these Mini Greenhouses are these answer when you do not wish, or do not have the space, for a full greenhouse.

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Polytunnels and Mini Tunnels

Polytunnels and Mini Tunnels

High quality Poly Tunnels made by suppliers who provide commercial tunnel greenhouses to Mini Tunnels for the garden.

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Poly Tunnel Accessories & Spares

Poly Tunnel Accessories & Spares

A range of high quality Poly Tunnel Accessories enabling gardeners to keep their polythene tunnels in tiptop condition. Purchase either clear or opaque polythene to replace tunnels covers, anti-hot spot tape to extend the covers life and fit crop bars to provide sturdy hanging space within your tunnel.

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