A range of practical and decorative compost bins, worm composters and compost tumblers.

Compost is a great way of doing two things:

  1. Disposing of your kitchen and garden waste
  2. Producing free fertilizer and soil conditioner

Because compost tumblers mix the waste and allow air into the mix, the microbes work quickly to produce quality compost.

Worm compost systems or wormeries utilise worms to produce high quality compost and fertilizer liquid from your kitchen and some garden waste.

Compost Bins

Compost Bins

The garden compost bin is the traditional way to make garden compost, and has been used in various guises by generations of gardeners.

Often tucked away in a secluded corner of the garden, these garden compost bins were never the most attractive addition to the garden but nowadays, modern composters manage to combine performance with looks which you'll be proud to display.

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Compost Tumblers

Compost Tumblers

Compost tumblers can help turn what is traditionally a ten-plus month practice into a 14 day fast-track composting process, spelling an end to back-breaking days turning over a compost heap at the same time.

Fill with your organic waste from the garden and kitchen and give the drum a couple of spins once a day. The efficient mixing allows the bacteria to work fast, resulting in perfect compost in just two weeks. Any liquid produced by the composting process, which traditionally leaches into the soil is easily drained off and can be used as high potash feed.

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Kitchen Composters and Caddies

Kitchen Composters and Caddies

Kitchen compost bins and caddies are perfect for those occasions you just don't fancy wandering down to the compost heap, or you haven't collected enough waste to warrant a trip.

Don't waste your valuable organic composting material. Store it in an odour free caddy or bin before adding it to your compost heap.

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Compost Accessories

Compost Accessories

Composting equipment and accessories are essential if you want to make the best possible use of your compost bin or heap as all are designed to assist your composting activities throughout the process - from the compost stirrer and thermometer to monitor and aerate the heap during decomposition to the compost tumbler-mounted sifter screen and erstwhile rotosieve to grade the finished compost.

Also recycling bags and bins, galvanised incinerators to burn diseased or unsuitable-for-composting material, accelerators for the impatient composter and bio-degradable leaf sacks.

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Worm cast is best used as a first class natural fertilizer, use it sparingly and selectively around the garden - a little goes a very long way!

Studies have shown that worms convert organic waste into the best natural fertilizer known – worm cast. It contains from 5 to 11 times the quantity of available N – P – K (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) than the soil the worms consume to produce the cast. The worms also drastically improve the soil structure. Each worm can convert up to their own weight of waste into worm cast each day.

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