Cold Frames, Cloches & Rhubarb Forcers

Extend the growing season for your crops with this range of quality coldframes, cloches and tunnels. Bring on salad crops in early spring and keep them going until early winter.

A wide range from traditional cloches to wooden coldframes and huge cloches and professional coldframes. Get the most from the season and all at realistic prices.

Providing a sheltered space for young plants cold frames are also ideal for hardening off when your plants come out of the greenhouse.

Familiarise yourself with forcing if you like the sound of an earlier harvest. The technique involves growing crops in darkness - by covering plants like rhubarb, sea kale and chicory.


Aluminium Cold Frames

Aluminium Cold Frames

A selection of Aluminium Cold Frames for  long lasting maintenance free structures.

Robust and durable and will help to protect your plants from the elements while still allowing you to access them easily.

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Wooden Cold Frames

Wooden Cold Frames

A timber cold frame will be an attractive and practical addition to your garden. Timber cold frames tend to be easier to assemble as they are supplied in larger panels so it often it takes just a few minutes to build your cold frame ready for use.

Make the best use of available space whilst providing a good environment for healthy plant growth, hardening off or over-wintering.

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Bell, Solar, Blanching and Pop Up Cloches

Bell, Solar, Blanching and Pop Up Cloches

Traditionally shaped individual Bell Cloches.. Use them to encourage fast and vigorous growth, to protect plants from frost, wind & rain as well as damage caused by birds and pests.

Solar cloches that are simpe to use and will last for years - helping generations of young plants to grow in comfort.

Blanching Cloches to ensure your kitchen garden produces top quality, tender home-grown leeks and celery where snow-white stems are a must.

Pop up Cloches for ease of use and versatility.

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Rhubarb Forcers

Rhubarb Forcers

If the sound of an earlier harvest of sweeter-tasting veg appeals to you, it's time to familiarise yourself with forcing. The technique involves growing crops in darkness - by covering plants like rhubarb, sea kale and chicory.


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Tunnel Cloches

Tunnel Cloches

A range of Tunnel Cloches that enable you to cover a row of plants increasing temperatures, providing protection from the elements or pests helping to produce healthy crops.

Choose from fleece for winter protection, polythene for early and late season growing and warmth, micromesh to protect from pests and net tunnels for keeping birds off ripening summer fruit.

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