Heating and Insulation

Extend the growing system or even grow tropical plants in the UK with the use of heating and insulation.

Controlling temperature will pay you dividends in your greenhouse.

Whether you have a cold frame or greenhouse you'll need to provide some plant protection during the colder months. Insulation allows you to cheaply and easily keep your plants frost free. Heaters enable you to achieve higher temperatures useful when growing more heat sensitive plants or propagating.

Fan Heaters

Fan Heaters

Electric Fan Heaters the easiest way to provide heat.

Raise the temperature easily and efficiently, with heaters specially designed for safe operation in a greenhouse environment.

  1. ready to use simply plug straight to your mains electric

  2. evenly distributes, internal fans circulate the heated air

  3. reduces damping off and disease by constantly moving the greenhouse air.

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Natural Gas Greenhouse Heaters

Natural Gas Greenhouse Heaters

Natural Gas Heaters provide continuous reliable heat running off a supply of natural gas. These heaters should be installed by a corgi registered fitter.

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Paraffin Heaters

Paraffin Heaters

Blue Flame Paraffin Heaters - efficient heaters with variable output.

It's easy to vary heat output and reduce fuel consumption by adjusting the circular wicks of these heaters. Neatly designed with in-built drip trays and a convenient carrying handle.

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Propane Gas Heaters

Propane Gas Heaters

Designed for safe operation in moist greenhouse environments this wide range of Propane Gas Heaters not only burns safely to produce heat. They also produce growth enhancing CO2.

Propane gas can be obtained from your local bottled gas supplier, whilst high quality fittings are available to purchase separately for all the models available.

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Tube Heaters

Tube Heaters

Traditional Electric Tubular Heaters designed to produce a gentle, radiant heat.

Available in sizes from 2ft (61cm) up to 8ft (244cm) they are rated at 80 watts per ft (30cm) length, to decide what lengths of tubular Heaters required calculate the total wattage required.

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Greenhouse Insulation

Greenhouse Insulation

Cut down on your heating costs by installing greenhouse insulation.

Heatsheets, twinwall polycarbonate panels, clear acryllic sheets and bubble insulation.

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Insulation Fittings

Insulation Fittings

There are several types of fixing aids available for installing Heatsheets or any type of greenhouse lining.

For tricky areas such as doors and windows a roll of All Weather Tape can come in handy.

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