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Growing Oregano – How to Grow Oregano

How to Grow Oregano – A Guide to Growing Oregano

How to Grow OreganoOregano or Marjoram?

Most people confuse oregano and marjoram. The main difference is that marjorams available in the UK are usually tender varieties of oregano and need to be treated as annuals; plants described as oregano are hardier so are grown as perennials and they have a stronger flavour

Oregano thrives on neglect so is very easy to grow either in a container or open ground .

Varieties of Oregano

There are various types of oregano available including Greek, De la Sierra, Dost and Heirloom/Heritage varieties but for a wider range you need to visit a supplier specializing in herbs .

Pests and Problems with Oregano

Oregano is generally trouble free.

Growing Oregano

Oregano can be grown from seed but is usually cultivated from pot grown plants available at Nurseries.

It can be potted up at any time of the year into a 30 cm (12 inch) pot .

Remember it is a Mediterranean herb and will not tolerate being waterlogged so ensure drainage is good .

As it will thrive on neglect, you only need to feed it if the plant turns yellow or poorly looking.

It is best to give the plants shelter or cover with fleece in extremely cold winters .

As oregano is a hardy perennial it will come back each year but after a few years oregano gets quite woody and straggly, so you can either take stem cuttings or replace with fresh stock.

Harvesting Oregano

Oregano is best harvested before the flowers form as the taste becomes more bitter after flowering. To extend the picking time trim off the flowers as they form. Oregano is also a good herb to dry .

Eating & Storing Oregano

Oregano’s flavour is improved with drying. The flavour of oregano survives more in cooking than the more tender marjoram.

It is mainly used in Mediterranean dishes, with tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, on a pizza or in pizzaiola sauce. For a change try it with lamb, fish or on a Greek salad.

Further Information on Oregano

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