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Growing Mushrooms – How to Grow Mushrooms

How to Grow Mushrooms – A Guide to Growing Mushrooms

How to Grow MushroomsTry growing your own mushrooms! Kits offer an easy method of home-growing a number of different varieties.

Sowing and Growing Mushrooms

  • Some kits can be grown at any time of year, with the right conditions.
  • Plant the logs in winter and spring.
  • The main cropping period is late autumn or early winter through to spring.
  • Seed and plant suppliers sell mushroom kits in various forms, from mushroom spawn, plugs and logs to full growing kits (for both outdoors and the windowsill) with everything you need supplied, including full growing instructions.
  • The plugs are wooden dowels containing mushroom spawn – you drill holes in freshly cut logs and insert the plugs.
  • It is also possible to purchase just the mushroom spores, and creating your own growing medium – stable manure is ideal.

Harvesting Mushrooms

  • Harvest as and when the mushrooms are large enough.
  • Hold the stalks and gently rock each mushroom out of the compost.

Pests and Problems with Mushrooms

  • Mushroom fly will dramatically reduce a crop.
  • They thrive in damp, humid environments – avoid over watering and ensure good ventilation.

Varieties of Mushroom

  • Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms are often offered in kit form; chestnut and button mushroom spore is easily available for home-growing.


  • Mushrooms are delicious eaten both raw and cooked.
  • They are a good source of vitamin D, vitamin B, potassium and antioxidants.
  • Take a look through our selection of recipes for inspiration for cooking with mushrooms.

Further Information on Mushrooms

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