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Halls Qube Greenhouse Review

Greenhouse manufacturer Halls have just launched a new greenhouse range – the Halls Qube Greenhouse. I’ve been given an early look – it will be available in early 2019 – so here’s my Halls Qube Greenhouse Review

Halls Qube Greenhouse

Halls Qube Greenhouse (6 x 10)

Qube Greenhouse Profile

Qube Greenhouse Extrusion Profile

Halls are one of the biggest and best known greenhouse suppliers in the UK and this new Qube Greenhouse range is their first totally new design in 40 years. The name ‘Qube’ doesn’t refer to the shape of the greenhouse, by the way. It’s because of the radical new design for the frame components.

Halls and most of the other aluminium greenhouse suppliers have used a T shape extrusion as standard. The Qube components use a square shaped profile with an internal cross bracing, all as one moulding. It looks complicated, but what it does is very simple as it’s far stronger than any profile used in hobby aluminium greenhouse design before.

Built in Strength

With climate change bringing us more violent storms, strength is becoming increasingly important in greenhouse design. Although it uses more metal than the conventional T shaped frameworks, I suspect it offsets this cost somewhat by standardising the components. It’s so strong that the traditional backbone of any aluminium greenhouse, the ridge bar, has been dispensed with leaving a very clean looking design as if shaped in a wind tunnel.

Simple Design – Easy to Build

Qube 6x8 Greenhouse

Qube 6×8 Greenhouse

The Qube system certainly simplifies the design, which makes construction easier for the gardener – saving time and temper! The angled bracing bars have been replaced with tensioning wires – just as strong but easier to clean around. They’ve not managed to do away with the annual clean, yet.

Toughened Safety Glazing

Qube 6x6 Greenhouse

Qube 6×6 Greenhouse

The Qube comes with long pane toughened glass, further adding to the structural strength and far safer than horticultural glass. That’s something anyone with children around will appreciate.

Instead of glazing clips which are always a bit of a fiddle to fix, the Halls Qube Greenhouse uses glazing capping. This adds to the greenhouse’s wind resistance.

Neat Low-threshold Door

Qube Greenhouse Low Door Threshold

Qube Greenhouse Low Door Threshold

Halls Qube Door Handle

Halls Qube Door Handle

The door can be padlocked and comes with a proper handle. It’s surprising what a difference a proper handle makes, no more catching fingers and broken nails. Being able to lock the door is useful with kiddies about.

It’s got a very low threshold, which makes it easier to get a wheelbarrow in if changing border soil etc. The sliding mechanism for the door is a double slide at the top. So no base channels to jam if a small stone gets in.

Water Collection & Saving

Qube Greenhouse 60mm Wide Gutters

Qube Greenhouse 60mm Wide Gutters

It comes with 60 mm wide gutters that can take 40 mm downpipes – useful for water saving which is becoming more and more important nowadays.

Options & Accessories

It’s currently only available in black and the three most popular sizes, 6 x 6 ft, 6 x 8 ft and 6 x 10 ft. A range of accessories will be available including integrated staging and shelf, water butt etc.


Recommended retail prices for the Halls Qube Greenhouse are suggested to range from £749.99 for the 6 x 6 model to £849.99 for the 6 x 10 ft model (at time of writing). This puts it firmly in the middle price range for greenhouses. The in-built strength and quality makes it good value for money when compared with other mid-priced greenhouses. I think it’s set to become a benchmark.

Available to pre-order online from Gardensite – Halls Qube Greenhouses

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