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Eden Burford Greenhouse Review

In April 2019 I got an Eden Burford greenhouse and this is my honest review of it. Basically I think it’s an excellent greenhouse from a good company but they could do better with the instructions.

Eden Burford Greenhouse

My Eden Burford Greenhouse being Fitted Out

Eden Greenhouses have been around since 1986 so they’re very experienced which shows in the product features and quality. They proudly state their greenhouses are “100% designed and manufactured by British craftsmen”. It’s good to know we can still make quality products in these days where everything seems to come from China.

Eden produce a wide range of greenhouses from the small Birdlip 4 ft x 4 ft to the huge Bourton 10 ft x 20ft along with their Broadway range of lean-to greenhouses designed to fit next to a wall . They also offer a range of matching accessories from louvre windows to integral staging and shelving.

Eden Burford Green

Eden Burford in Green – note there is no step with their door system

All the Eden range can be purchased in aluminium, powder coated black or green with toughened glass or polycarbonate glazing. They also have a Zero Threshold (TM) lockable door system. No tripping over the frame lip or doors blowing open in the wind.

Eden Burford

I got the Eden Burford from Gardensite on their recommendation. It’s nominally 6 ft x 10 ft. It’s actually 5 ins wider and longer, every bit helps! Mine is in aluminium with toughened glass. This not only comes in large sheets, which makes the house easier to clean down, but is heavier and stronger. That’s important in our high wind location. If a pane of glass does break, it breaks safely into small pieces.

Assembling the Greenhouse

Eden Burford Greenhouse Construction

Eden Burford Greenhouse under Construction

The components arrive in boxes with the glass packed into a wooden pallet box. Inside most of the small bits are in plastic bags and labelled. That helps a lot when you start. Generally it’s a straightforward process although the door mechanism is probably easiest for those with advanced engineering training! There are some traps for the unwary that could be avoid if the instructions were clearer.

Like a lot of firms, the instructions are pictorial so usable in different countries but it’s easy to miss details. For example; the glazing clips for the toughened glass in the roof are different to those for horticultural glass. I got that wrong on first go. Just a little text in English could make the job easier.

Much of the construction can be done by one person on their own but some steps definitely need two people and three makes things far easier at a couple of stages. I’d allow a good day to assemble the frame and another to glaze.


The first thing you notice is the frame components are heavy for their size compared with cheaper greenhouses. They’re thicker than the cheap greenhouses which is why. Nowadays so much is shaved back to the minimum to save money, it’s a pleasant change to find something where price isn’t the main design factor.

Eden Greenhouse Ridge Bar

Eden Greenhouse Ridge Bar

A strong frame is vital when there’s a storm. It doesn’t flex and break the glass. It’s also useful if you want to use the frame to support integral staging or hang something from the ridge bar. The ridge bar is exceptionally sold and has a slot that you can put a bolt in with hook for a hanging basket or suchlike.

The toughened glass is held in place with bar capping. These hold the glass firmly and add to the strength of the whole. The door slide mechanism is nicely engineered running on ball bearings. You can literally move it with one finger. The lock is good quality too.


The Eden Burford is a well designed greenhouse. The integral base could be a little stronger but is more than adequate for most places. The sides are high enough at 5 ft 3 ins for most people to be comfortable working to the edge. There is plenty of head room, the central roof ridge is 7 ft 7 ins high.

The guttering is quite wide and integral to the frame with the downpipes being a good, useful size. They’re 40 mm so additional piping is readily available from builders merchants

Eden Burford Integral Shelf

Fitting the Eden Burford Integral Shelf

Eden Burford Staging and Shelf

Eden Burford Staging and Shelf – in service already!


The integral staging and shelving is fantastic. A little fiddly to fit but once they’re in place you don’t have to do it again. The staging stretches the whole length of the greenhouse without a break. This makes it more useful than the separate staging units where you’re limited to their length (around four feet).

The same goes for the shelving which I’ve put above the staging. It’s great for putting all those bits and pieces that accumulate in a greenhouse. I may fix up some bars under the shelf and hang growlights from them.

I was a bit disappointed with the louvre window. It seems a little flimsy and the glass was very loose. Still, problem easily sorted with some silicon gluing the panes into the mechanism.

Price / Value for Money

In terms of price, Eden greenhouses are placed in the middle. You can spend a lot more for little benefit. I would say they’re excellent value for a top quality greenhouse. Eden even offer a 12 year guarantee on their frame – that’s confidence.

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