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Vegetables for the Polytunnel & Greenhouse by Klaus Laitenberger

Vegetables for the Polytunnel & GreenhouseI was really pleased to get a copy of Vegetables for the Polytunnel & Greenhouse from Klaus Laitenberger. He writes clearly and concisely, so you get the information you need without wading through waffle.

The first half of the book consists of a comprehensive list of the vegetables you can grow in a polytunnel, generally covering cultivation methods, pests, varieties etc. I say comprehensive and I mean it. He actually covers a vegetable called Yacon that I’d never heard of before.

The centre has a number of colour photographs which are followed by the second half of the book. This covers more general things like choosing and siting your polytunnel along with various charts showing optimum germination temperatures etc.

Finally he provides a month by month guide taking you through the year. It’s one of those books that you read and then keep on a handy shelf so you can look up details as you go along. I’d strongly recommend it for both beginner and more experienced gardeners.

Available both new and used from Amazon.

Amazon Reviews of Vegetables for the Polytunnel & Greenhouse:

As a complete beginner I needed a book to give me an idea how to get started. This book proved to be ideal, describing each vegetable and herb from sowing time, planting time through to care, threats, harvesting and storage. I would think it would be an excellent companion for anyone from beginner through to experienced gardeners who are using their greenhouse for veritable and herb growing.”

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