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Grow Your Own Vegetables by Joy Larkcom

Grow Your Own VegetablesThis guide contains everything you need to know to create a highly-productive, beautiful vegetable plot. Joy Larkom’s easy-to-follow advice covers every aspect of vegetable gardening, including preparing and looking after soil; manures, composts and fertilizers; growing techniques; pests, diseases and weeds; protection; and planning and making good use of space.

The second half of the book provides cultivation information for over 100 vegetables, including site and soil requirements, cultivation, pests and diseases, and cultivars. Comprehensively revised, the book now includes unusual vegetables from the increasingly wide range available today, new varieties and modern techniques, and up-to-date research. It addresses the concerns of 21st-century gardeners and is totally organic in its approach.

This is really one of the best vegetable gardening books you can buy, highly recommended.

Available both new and used from Amazon.

Amazon Reviews of Grow Your Own Vegetables:

“I have just entered the world of gardening and have decided that growing vegetables is the way forward. I have found this book invaluable in that it gives basic information on every aspect (planning, preparing soil, sowing seeds, compost etc) of growing your own vegetables without being patronising.

Maybe all you pro gardeners out there already know all this, but I would think that with so much information in this book, it would be useful even for experienced gardeners.

If you are going to buy one book for your vegetable patch or allotment, make it this one.”

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