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Create Compost by Pauline Pears

Create CompostCompost is the unsung hero of the garden. It is the fuel that makes everything from flowers and shrubs to fruit and vegetables vigorous and healthy. And it can be free when you make your own. What could be better than gathering together all the plant waste, leaves, clippings and prunings and using it to grow new plants?

Here we are shown how to make excellent compost faster and more easily than you thought possible. Everything from choosing or making a compost bin, creating compost and how to spot problems is covered  plus, of course, practical advice on when and where to use compost in the garden.

Create Compost is endorsed by the HDRA and the Soil Association, so you know you can trust all the organic advice.

Available both new and used from Amazon for as little as a penny plus postage.

Amazon Reviews of Create Compost:

“There are, of course, quite a few compost books out there, but the reason I love this book is because I’m trying to garden organically and it is of course an organic guide to composting.

It answers absolutely every question you could have about composting and quite helpfully tells you what to do with the compost once you’ve actually made it! It really is a step-by-step guide and its small enough to take out into the garden with me!”

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