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1001 Ways to be a Better Gardener by Pippa Greenwood

1001 Ways to be a Better Gardener Pippa Greenwood is one of those gardeners who I have a lot of respect and admiration for. She might not be as famous as some of the TV crowd, but she really knows what she’s doing, especially with pests and problems.

This book isn’t one to read cover to cover in one go, it’s a reference to skim and then dip into as you undertake different tasks. It’s basically lots of really useful tips and snippets of information, many make you go “Aha! That’s a good idea.”

One of those books that comes off the shelf frequently – pop it onto your wish list, you won’t regret it.

Available both new and used from Amazon for as little as a penny plus postage.

Amazon Reviews of 1001 Ways to be a Better Gardener:

As a gardener myself, I really rate Pippa Greenwood, what she doesn’t know about pests and problems is not worth knowing. She’s not a TV personality, she’s a genuine expert and this book is full of great tips and snippets. It’s one to skim through and then go back to the parts that you need rather than read cover to cover in one go.

I particularly liked the section on propagation, one area where many gardeners go wrong and on the correct use of fertilizers. For a beginner it’s invaluable and for the experienced gardener there are quite a few tips you’ll be grateful for.

It’s been on and off my shelf for a few weeks now. I’ll just check what Pippa says before tackling a new job. Well worth it.”

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