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The HDRA Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening by Henry Doubleday Research Association

The HDRA Encyclopedia of Organic GardeningAn illustrated reference for organic growing and gardening, this guide caters for every level or organic commitment, from simple first steps to organic self-sufficiency, and includes an easy-to-use A-Z directory. With a very easy to read style, but also packed full of information, this book will help guide those who are interested in growing organically.

The range of topics covered include: soil and soil care, water and watering, weeds and weed control, plant health and raising plants.

From the people who know all about organic gardening – another must have. You don’t have to be organic to benefit from this book, either.

Available both new and used from Amazon for as little as a penny plus postage.

Amazon Reviews of The HDRA Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening:

Enthusiastic amateur sworn off pesticides, I set out to grow a simple patch of rocket (rucula) tomatoes, potatoes, coriander and parsley. All the natural way of course… Black lice turned into juicy worms loved the rucula, the parsley survived but the potatoes got the dreaded black death and rotted away, tomatoes are being stifled by weeds.

All the answers are in this book, and many many more. For anyone who hopes to improve their organic garden, no matter the size, I think this book is worth its weight in gold.”

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