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Starting with Turkeys by Katie Thear

Starting with Turkeys by Katie ThearThe ideal introduction to keeping turkeys! This is a well illustrated and readable book covering all aspects of keeping, breeding, raising and showing turkeys on a small scale. Great for those thinking about rearing for the table, but also of use for those who would like to just expand into keeping these amazing birds as pets or as a hobby breeder.

It describes the traditional breeds and how to cater for the free-range and organic Christmas markets. It is particularly useful for those who wish to produce free-range and organic turkeys for Christmas either for themselves or to an increasingly discriminating public at the farm gate.

Read an excerpt on our site: Breeding Turkeys

Available both new and used from Amazon.

Amazon Reviews of Starting with Turkeys by Katie Thear:

“I have bought several of Katie Thear’s “Starting with” books. Having been a smallholder for 6 years I have used these books as a first stop when reading up on keeping any type of new livestock.
This book is easy to read whilst at the same time being informative enough to really get you started either keeping turkeys as a hobby or starting a small commercial enterprise.”

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