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Chicken Breeds and Care – Mini Encyclopedia by Frances Bassom

Chicken EncyclopediaThis is one of my most trusted poultry books. It is so detailed about breeds, general care, and illness; and I would consider it an essential for those who are thinking about keeping a flock. I have on many occasions referred to it when one of the flock has been under the weather as well as going through the breed guides when thinking about expanding our flock.

The guide is split into two sections, the first includes advice on housing, health care, feeding, breeding and showing, while the second looks in detail at the history and temperament of more than 90 breeds including light breeds, heavy breeds, true bantams and game birds. This handy mini encyclopedia is crammed with useful information and tips, not to mention wonderful photography which would enthuse any prospective or fledgling poultry owner.

It is particularly useful if you are thinking about breeding some of the rarer breeds or plan on showing your flock.

Available both new and second hand from Amazon.

Amazon Reviews of Chicken Breeds and Care – Mini Encyclopedia:

“This book is exactly what a beginner at poultry keeping needs. It is a reasonable price for such a mine of information. My husband has just purchased Pekin bantams and has used this book to build a run and house for them. It is full of common sense advice and colour pictures of a wide range of breeds. Worth every penny. “

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