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Starting with Chickens by Katie Thear

Starting with ChickensThe bestselling guide for those new to keeping hens at home

Comprehensive help for all those who wish to keep chickens on a small scale. It covers everything from choosing a house to selecting, buying and caring for hens. Over 90 breeds are illustrated, many in colour.

This book provides invaluable help, from choosing a house and run to selecting, buying and caring for your hens

Feeding, breeding, eggs and seasonal care are discussed, as well as dealing with problems should they occur. Written in a clear and concise way – an ideal introduction.

Read an excerpt on our site: Buying a Chicken Coop

Available from Amazon both new and second hand, for as little as 1p plus postage.

Amazon Reviews of Starting with Chickens:

As someone who has just started on the path of keeping a few chickens in a normal domestic garden setting, I found this a really useful book. The writing is easy for the beginner to follow, and there are many useful touches – such as the list of suppliers of equipment, feed, housing etc in the back – which as a beginner will be invaluable.
Well illustrated, and excellent value – this book will encourage and motivate you while making you aware and helping with most potential problems new keepers will come across.

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