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Chickens: The Essential Guide by Suzie Baldwin

Chickens: The Essential GuideA good buy for the total novice. This book takes you through initial considerations such as space, housing, runs or free ranging, whether to hatch or buy at point of lay, keeping a cockerel, and many other first time owner questions. There is a good breed section to help you choose your new flock, including a guide to egg sizes and colour so you can have a full rainbow of eggs should you choose to! Although the health section isn’t too large, it covers the basics and should your hen seem under the weather can point you in the right direction to make them better.

There are lots of lovely colour photos in the book, which helps show just how wonderful keeping your own back garden flock can be. The section on how to keep your flock entertained is great for those planning on keeping their girls in a run instead of free ranging.

Available both new and used from Amazon.

 Amazon Reviews of Chickens: The Essential Guide:

“I bought this book prior to getting chickens for my garden and hoped it would give me a good idea of what i was letting myself in for. It has done this and so much more! The photos are beautiful and the writing style is such an easy read. I have really enjoyed reading it in fact i have read it twice! and i know i will keep referring back to it to help with all my chicken queries. It really does cover everything from setting up your garden to what to do when they are ill and what to do when you go on holiday. The authors personal stories are a lovely addition as they really explain her points well and make you realise that she really does know what she is talking about.”

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