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From the author of one of the UK's best selling gardening books, Vegetable Growing Month by Month, The Essential Allotment Guide is aimed at those with an allotment, looking for an allotment or growing on a larger plot and is complimentary to Vegetable Growing Month by Month.

"Britain's greatest allotment authority" - Emma Townshend in the Independent

The chapter list and my comments will give you a good idea of what's covered:

  • Why Get an Allotment
    What do you get from an allotment?
  • A Brief History of Allotments
    It's a fascinating subject, but I've kept it to the point!
  • How to Find and Choose an Allotment
    It's the big problem for many, so some tips to help you find and sneak up the waiting list.
  • How Much Time Does an Allotment Take?
    You need to know what you are letting yourself in for
  • Pests and Problems
    Not just the bugs and so on, some advice on the two legged rats as well.
  • Health and Safety
    You need to know a few bits so your hobby doesn't end you up in hospital
  • Children on the Plot
    Allotments provide a great opportunity for children, both learning and social.
  • Planning the Plot
    You need to know what you are going to do
  • Clearing the Plot
    The other big one. You take on your plot and the weeds are hiding the trees!
  • Constructions on the Plot
    Greenhouses, sheds, coldframes and so forth. DIY
  • Livestock
    Allotments are not just vegetables, you can keep poultry or even bees on many sites.
  • Tools, Equipment and Techniques
    What you need, what you want and how to use them
  • Manures, Fertilizers and Compost
    What they are, what to do and how to use them
  • Vegetables
    A brief guide to growing various vegetables
  • Fruit
    A brief guide to growing fruit
  • Sowing and Harvesting Chart
    A quick guide as what to do when
  • Saving Your Own Seed
    Frugal lot, allotmenteers - here's how to save a few bob
  • Glossary
    Gardener's have their own jargon and specialist words, hence a short jargon busting glossary.
  • Further Information and Contacts
  • Index
The Essential Allotment Guide

The Essential Allotment Guide

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What others say about The Essential Allotment Guide

Another great little book from Mr Harrison, I was very impressed with his 1st book and his second certainly does not disappoint.
"The Essential Allotment Guide" is written with the gardener in mind, with simple and concise information on subjects like how to get a plot, not always as easy as it sounds! Clear that jungle of a plot you have just leased and turn it into a productive oasis.
I've been an allotment holder for years and wish I'd have had this to hand when I started out. So glad I've got it now, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
In his work Mr Harrison's love for gardening comes forth as does his enthusiasm for cost effective food growing. Not a coffee table book but a real book for reading and using.
All in all a lovely book

Amazon Review

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Essential Allotment Guide

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Another great book from John Harrison, I love John's writing style, it is friendly and chatty and easy to read. It has all the information you need to get you started on your allotment, from clearing it to getting it into delicious production.

It has all the information that would take years to learn from chatting to your plot neighbours, so will get any new gardener off to a flying start. It can teach the experienced gardener a thing or two as well.

Amazon Review

Reviews for The Essential Allotment Guide

I have had a chance to read my copy now, and can confirm it is just as good as the last one,
So if anyone is wavering, dont, get it ordered its great


it really is a well-written and easily accessible book, with tonnes of good information. I was poring over the fruit section last night!


Well I've got mine and to be honest I think it's just great. Another down to earth book for down to earth people, teaching not preaching how it's done.

Mr R W Braker

Excellent... another great book John... arrived yesterday and half way through it already


My son wrote this, he's an author you know. Written two books, he has. Buy a copy now and he'll sign it for you.

Did I tell you he's an author?

My Mum

Well what a fantastic and very helpful book i am still reading this one taking it all in. John who wrote this book gives you down to earth guidance information and sometime funny help his website is just as good no frills just good old fashioned advice. what more can i say but do buy this book, it is well worth the money

Amazon Review

Easy to read and informative. Great for the first time allotment holder and the experienced grower alike... but instead concentrates on the veg growing itself in a straight forward writing style. Really good value for money.

Amazon Review