Crop Rotation – Three, Four, and Five Year Planning eBook


This guide is aimed to help you create your own crop rotation based on what you want to grow. It includes three, four, and five year plans; plus detailed plant family and group lists to aid you in your planning.

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Crop rotation is one of those things that is simple in theory, but quite complicated in practice. A lot of new growers get really worried and concerned about crop rotating and planning. Others come up with plans of incredible complexity that usually fall apart on the second season.

This mini-eBook includes detailed information about plant groups/families and how to arrange them into a three, four, or five year crop rotation. The eBook even includes replica WW2 Dig for Victory leaflets showing the three year crop rotation advised at that time.

Contents Include:

History and Principles of Crop Rotation

Plant Families and Groups – Including Tables

Three Year Crop Rotation – Including WW2 Dig for Victory replicas

Four Year Crop Rotation

Five Year Crop Rotation

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