Low Cost Living – Live Better Spend Less


Live Better but Spend Less A practical guide to greener living through being frugal. Enjoy a better lifestyle by saving expense.

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Now in its second revised and updated edition, Low Cost Living will help you to enjoy a better standard of living while saving money and helping the environment.

Using our simple tried-and-tested methods, you can reasonably reduce your energy bills and transport costs. Become more self-sufficient by growing your own fruit and vegetables. raising chickens, keeping bees, making butter, cheese and bread and much more…

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About a lifestyle of practical self-sufficiency, consuming less to gain more

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Being frugal is not about being mean or settling for second best – it’s about making the best use of your resources and getting the best from your life.

When things are tough, we all need to save money and this book will help. Our simple, tried and tested methods will help you to enjoy a better standard of living while saving money and helping the environment.

low cost living 2nd edition

Low Cost Living – Live Better Spend Less

£8.99 – Free UK DELIVERY

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This isn’t a book for dreamers – it’s real practical advice that you can use in an ordinary home just as we do.

Chapter List for Low Cost Living – Live Better, Spend Less



  • Low Cost Eating
  • Beating the Supermarkets at Their Own Game
  • Cooking Your Food
  • Food Waste
  • Storing Vegetables (how to store your harvest)
  • Storing & Preserving Food
  • Making Your Own Chutneys and Jams
  • Baking Your Own Bread
  • Making Your Own Butter, Cheese & Yoghurt
  • Making Your Own Wine, Beer & Cider
  • Food for Free
  • Grow Your Own
  • Keeping Chickens
  • Bees in the Back Garden
  • Pets (Save money and have a happier pet)
  • Cleaning
  • Energy (includes solar, wind and heat pumps)
  • Water (Save & Store where it makes sense)
  • Transport
  • Recycling
  • Skills
  • Money (Turn a hobby into a mini-business)
  • Index

low cost living 2nd edition

Low Cost Living – Live Better Spend Less

£8.99 – Free UK DELIVERY

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Comments on Low Cost Living- Live Better, Spend Less

I love the way this book shows how a less consumerist, more ecological lifestyle can also be more economical. I am also impressed by how it is helpful to those who are new to the concept as well as to those (like me) who are already converted.

It’s very well organised and also indexed, so can be read cover to cover and just dipped into when you want information about something specific, and the basic guidance is nicely laced with interesting facts and background information.

The first half is all about food, (including recipes), and the second half covers the other aspects of our lives where savings can be made, and the environment treated a little more respectfully.

I am sure that anyone buying it will save the (minimal) cost of the book many times over by following the advice within it!

S Robb

John Harrison is building a name as a writer of good common sense guides to living in the twenty first century.

This, his third book, expands on his ‘grow your own’ philosophy towarsds sensible self sufficency not in the good life doing without way but in a cut costs to live better manner. An excellent read and common sense advice well worth the cover price.

Timothy Wakefield

Excellent – easy to read and extremely informative! From someone who loses interest part way through most books – that’s one heck of a compliment! Would highly recommend. We are looking to move to France and becoming self sufficient – this book will definitely help. I bought the author’s other books – all very well written

K D Taylor

Since buying this book, I have bought another 4 for my children and step children, and recommend ‘soap nuts’ to anyone whether it be for economic purposes or because you want to be more environmentally friendly or because you’d like to help the third world farmers who grow and harvest them!!

Mrs A Clarke

This fantastic book guides you through the simple way of living your life at a low cost! There is NO fancy, fluffy talk just straight forward information. Easy read, easy to use, just pick it up and away you go! If you havn’t got this book you should get it!!

If you have not got this book, you should get it for your family!!!!

Mrs S Collett

low cost living 2nd edition

Low Cost Living – Live Better Spend Less

£8.99 – Free UK DELIVERY

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Britain’s greatest allotment authority
Emma Townshend in the
Independent on Sunday

I think it’s just great. Another down to earth book for down to earth people,
teaching not preaching how it’s done.
Mr R W Braker

Forget about any glossy pictures, what’s in this book is solid
words of advice, written in plain to understand English from a grower who’s had
frustrating years of experience behind him in trying to grow nutritious vegetables,
whilst at the same time running a business and raising a family.
Medwyn Williams
Winner of 10 RHS Gold Medals
at Chelsea for vegetables

I’ve never made jams, chutneys etc. before but can’t stop now. This book
makes it so easy. Takes all the fear out of jam making.
Mrs S Collett

An informative book based on lots of practical experience and with loads
of top tips, as well as a wide range of delicious recipes.
C Pickard