Potatoes – A Guide to Growing, Harvesting, and Storing Potatoes eBook

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Potatoes – A Guide to Growing, Harvesting, and Storing Potatoes is the first in a series of more in depth guides on growing your own, storing the harvest, and cooking up the fruits of your labour.

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Over the years I have written much about the humble potato. Through articles and books I have covered everything from how many to grow, how to grow them, how to store them, growing for show, and what diseases or other problems a grower may encounter. I’ve even given talks on growing the simple spud! What I hadn’t done to date is write a book solely about the potato, with that knowledge all in one place.

I often receive emails from readers of my blog and newsletter asking for more information on potato growing so I thought it was about time I got all that information collated into a book so that growing can be a simple task for all – no matter what space you have or resources available to you.

I firmly believe that the potato is the most important and versatile crop the home grower can grow. It’s also one of the most underrated crops. When you’ve tasted a home grown new potato, harvested earlier the same day, I’m sure you will agree.

This full-colour eBook includes:

The History of the Potato
The Potato Plant – and Breeding New Varieties
Potato Varieties – Which to Choose?
Seed Potatoes – How to Select & Cultivation
Growing Potatoes – All Methods
Potato Fertiliser – NPK Requirements
Potato Pests and Diseases
Harvesting Potatoes
Storing Potatoes
Potato Nutrition and My Favourite Recipes

It also comes with a free copy of our eBook Crop Rotation – Three, Four, and Five Year Planning to help you create a full crop rotation alongside your potato planning.

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Britain’s greatest allotment authority
Emma Townshend in the
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I think it’s just great. Another down to earth book for down to earth people,
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Mr R W Braker

Forget about any glossy pictures, what’s in this book is solid
words of advice, written in plain to understand English from a grower who’s had
frustrating years of experience behind him in trying to grow nutritious vegetables,
whilst at the same time running a business and raising a family.
Medwyn Williams
Winner of 10 RHS Gold Medals
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