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Growing Lemons – How to Grow Lemons

How to Grow Lemons – A Guide to Growing Lemons

How to Grow LemonsLemons can be grown successfully in the UK but you need to remember that they are not hardy. Most varieties will tolerate temperatures down to 5°C but some only down to 10°C Check before buying. The further South in the UK you live the more successful you will be growing citrus fruit in general.


As lemons are sensitive to cold weather, they’re best grown in a container which can spend the summer outside and the winter in a conservatory or heated greenhouse. Consider re-potting every two years and you will soon have a thriving plant.

Growing Lemons

  • Follow the general citrus growing advice.
  • Plant in the spring to give them the whole growing season to settle down and establish themselves.
  • Lemons flower through much of the year and the fruits can take up to a year to ripen, so it is usual to find both flowers and fruits on the plants.
  • In the UK, grow in pots with good quality compost, feed in the spring and summer.
  • Move into a conservatory or heated greenhouse in the winter ensuring the temperature doesn’t fall below 5C (10C with some varieties)

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