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Tools and Machinery for the Smallholder by John Bezzant

Tools and Machinery for the SmallholderA wide range of tools and equipment, from compact tractors to chainsaws and from winches to torque wrenches, are employed on today’s productive and efficiently organized smallholdings. There are few publications that provide the smallholder with comprehensive, technical and maintenance information and this well-illustrated book helps to fill a gap.

  • Describes how to safely operate a compact tractor, essential tractor implements and ‘tow behind’ equipment
  • Considers how engines, both large and small, function and how they can be maintained in safe working order
  • Discusses how to use chainsaws safely and how to maintain them
  • Examines manual and portable electric winches and how they should be rigged and operated
  • Demonstrates how you can teach yourself to weld
  • Covers the safe use and general maintenance of all terrain vehicles [ATVs]
  • Provides guidance on the correct use of hand tools

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Amazon Reviews of Tools and Machinery for the Smallholder:

“Pleased with this very informative book have found it useful.”

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