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Starting with a Smallholding by David Hills

Starting with a SmallholdingA really useful book for anyone planning to buy a smallholding, or start a new smallholding activity.

It offers timely advice on how to choose the right property for different needs and circumstances, as well as sorting out priorities after moving in. The book describes how activities make different demands on space, time, energy and money, with details of over 20 activities related to animals, poultry and the land.

This work’s author was an experienced smallholder himself and here he shares that experience for the benefit of those looking to change their life and take on a holding. For those with a holding, he covers different enterprises that can be run for profit, discussing the resources required in terms of time and finance as well as the potential benefits.

This practical book provides essential guidelines to the care and welfare of livestock as well as to the efficient and enjoyable running of a small acreage.

It also provides details of where further help and advice may be obtained. Read an excerpt here: Preparing for Smallholding

Available both new and used from Amazon.

Amazon Reviews of Starting with a Smallholding:

I’ve had this book for some time and it is a really useful guide for those thinking of getting a smallholding rather than a practical guide to the details. It assumes the reader knows nothing – although I knew quite a bit, there was a lot I hadn’t thought of.

It explains how different activities require different amounts of time and energy – which is something that I needed to think of not being in the first flush of youth and already having a demanding job.

It covers land and costs, although a little dated now the relationships between costs remains the same. Being on a limited budget where we couldn’t afford nasty surprises, that information was very valuable.

If you’re seriously looking at getting a smallholding, this is a book you need to invest in. The few pounds it costs can save you from making a very expensive mistake. I’m glad I had it before we got our 4 acres.

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