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Tescopoly by Andrew Simms

TescopolyTescopoly: How One Shop Came Out on Top and Why It Matters is no lightweight book, it’s quite academic. Well reasoned and explained in great detail. Scares the life out of you, with good reason.

The book charts the rise of Tesco from a market operation in 1925 to one of the top ten global operators in the food business. How it ruthlessly clawed its way to dominance in the UK is a revelation and how it now wields more power than the average local council is terrifying.

I wrote a full review in my allotment diary – if you don’t read the book read my review of Tescopoly

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Amazon Reviews of Tescopoly:

“A clearly critical look at tescos revealing lots of dodgy practices, how it helps to shut local shops replacing them with fewer jobs lower pay and less money going back into the community. how it blasts its way thru planning regulations, its general negative relationship with suppliers -everything you need to know to make you shop less at this ugly shop.”

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