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Shopped by Joanna Blythman

ShoppedShopped: The Shocking Power of British Supermarkets is an elegant demolition of the supermarket miracle, this book charts the impact that supermarkets have had on every aspect of our lives and culture.

In the 1970s, British supermarkets had only 10% of the UK’s grocery spend. Now they swallow up 80%, influencing how we shop, what we eat, how we spend our leisure time, how much rubbish we generate, even the very look of our physical environment.

This thought-provoking, witty and sometimes chilling voyage of discovery is sure to make you think twice before you enthusiastically reach for that supermarket trolley again.

Available both new and used from Amazon for as little as a penny plus postage.

Amazon Reviews of Shopped:

Although I was vaguely aware of the power of the supermarkets I hadn’t imagined quite how much control they have. Their treatment of suppliers, third world producers and lack of environmental concern is shocking. How shoppers are manipulated by the supermarket publicity machines was also very enlightening and I have to confess that I have fallen for several of their marketing gimmicks in the past.

This book is extremely well written and very thought provoking – so much so that I now avoid the supermarkets and shop elsewhere. Highly recommended.”

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